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Supervisor Report

Supervisor Report on KLO Mimi Lakes

Awemonth the 32nd, Year 53 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle

Mimi has been lacking her usual vitality. Troublemaking has ceased in the usual way, but the friends she has made are worried for her. I am worried for her. Although she is frivolous, she does do a well enough job, at least most of the time. There are times when she presents unique insights, and times where she does not report according to requirements. She has managed to make potential profitable acquaintances across Turien, so that itself has value. I am unsure which promotion pathway she will end up taking. Although she has expressed interest in the Magic medical field. To be honest, I am looking forward to where she will go, and how she will grow. There has been growth, and even her current depression seems to be a part of her growing up, and recognising herself and her limits. I am not saying that depression is a part of growth, but that had a similar situation happened earlier, Mimi would have reacted differently, and probably hurt more people. So, I am looking forward to her to continue to grow through this. I do not think she will stay depressed, it does appear as situational, and although it may linger for a while, she has the tenacity to not let it stop her. Provided she gets over the current hurdle hill. 
  As far as some of her observations go in an insightful direction, when it comes to herself, and others reactions and relationships to herself, she is quite unaware. This does worry me, but as she is a Nymph, it is not that odd (for a Nymph) either. Although she is Half-Mermaid, and sometimes this shows, she was brought up with the Naiads, and so has a very naïve Naiad view of the world. Most of the time. She is surprisingly knowledgeable of the world for how little she likes to study. And we know so little of her home.... except that she likes to eat. I hope her appetite will come back soon. 
  After being forced out of the desert, and thus the Search and Rescue team, she immediately taught herself how to create a thick Mermaid Bubble. Almost like a strive to accomplish this asap - in order to return to the team. But it was denied and she stayed in her KLO assigned room for a few days before I saw her. I'm not sure exactly what had happened in the desert, nor why she is so adamant to be the one to find Reagan. Does she have a message from Hoen? But surely she could wait until he is found and give it to I him then. Or does she want to ask her ethical questions of him? Or is she hiding some other evidence? Has Taegrin been pressuring her? Maybe she will tell me one day.
  For now, I will cool and ice these cookies that are ready to come out of the oven. 

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