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Secret Hidden Fairy Graveyard

Observation Log of KLO Mimi Lakes: Weird Place in the Great Forest

Willmonth the 30th, Year 52 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle
  Following Magenta is hilarious.

Her Family

Even though she is adopted, Magenta loves her family, and her brother in particular. After leaving Mid-city she went to East-City to meet her parents. Just from their looks you can tell she is adopted, as her wild red hair and sharp face stands out amonst the soft visages of her parents and brother. They seem to like her pretty well, too, though.
  She stayed there a few days, in part to make sure that no one could kidnap anyone else in her family. It was the 46th barrier she put over their house, apparently. Although not all the barriers are stil running today, 46 is still a lot of barriers over once place, even for an old Fairy. Maybe. Fairies don't usually talk much. ... Not the case for Magenta.

Into the Forest

Magenta told her family that she was looking to ask the Fairies for help with her magic. They looked relieved more than anything else. Guess she causes trouble at home too.
  Over the next few days Magenta ondered the Great Forest, looking for the Fairy Density.
  • She is good at drying herself off when wet
  • If you splash her from the same way a few times, she can construct a barrier to stop it wetting her without even looking
  • She's not good at recognising other people are around, unless she wants something
  • A couple of Fairies tried to signal her from behind, but she didn't notice at all
  • She uses her phone to map out areas, but it doesn't actually work near the Fairy Density
  • She eventually realised this, but it wasn't the Fairy Density that she was getting closer to

Hidden Area

Magenta found a barrier, just north of the River Tam's mouth to the Ocean. It didn't feel like a Mermaid bubble, so it must be a Fairy Barrier. When she opened it, it was like a curtain of reality shimered in front of my eyes, Magenta stepped in, and then the curtain closed. It was only hours later that the curtain opened again and Magenta stepped out again. Then she colapsed.
  Looking inside the curtain when it opened, was like glitter was frozen in the air. It was stained in the colours of dusk. I think I saw some almost rock-looking trees, like a really old Fairy grave, but I am unsure. I have dreamt of it a few times since then, but it keeps changing, like trying to get my brain to fixate on something that wasn't there, in order to make me forget what was there, but then what wasn't there also isn't allowed... or something? I am confused.

Forgetten Faries

fter she collapsed, I took Magenta to the Fairies. I have been to the Density a couple of times - well, the outer barrier, they didn't let me in. Regardless, I found the outer Barrier Fairies and asked for their help. After hearing my story Aunt May came by. She even feels like a grandma. I really want to eat any cookies she makes. I couldn't understand their telepathy, but I could tell they were signalling a lot, there was a lot of head shakes too.
  In the end, they gave Magenta a protection prayer and told me to take her home, she was just sleeping. I did. It wasn't until we got back and she woke up that I realised we hadn't got her to ask about her magic. She shook her head, saying she worked something out already, and she can go back another time. She looked a bit down though, almost, scared?


After Magenta fixed all the things I broke, she told me all about her thesis. It's super fascinating. I'm going to draw pictures with her next week to see if I can understand her magic colour sight some more.
I see you are trying to find someone else to be you research partner after I get promoted.
Eh? You can't stick around as a KLO-2?
That can discussed after the promotion, depending on what pathways are available at the time. Taegrin slated to be promoted in 2 weeks time, so the Search and Rescue team's holiday will finish after that.

Oh! I forgot to ask her how to unkidnap someone ... Well, I will see her next week so I'll ask her then. Don't worry Taegrin, I will make up my mistake to you by finding Reagan. No worries.
I have a lot of worries.

Supervisor Feedback

The report will be counted in your promotion count (you need all the help you can get), but it is currently being reviewed by the Sensitivty team. For Fairies and the like, probably.
  Council Notes
Investigate this area. Find someone who will remember what they are doing though, it is hard to even write this sentence. What has been Forbidden? Should we leave it alone?

There's a Fairy Barrier in the Great Forest, just north of the River Tam's mouth to the Ocean. I can't remember what I saw, but it felt similar to the barriers around the Chronos (except, without the Mermaid Bubble). The area that we don't play in, cause you only get dizzy and lost easily. The perfect spot to escape lectures.
No one else has heard of anything, but it was a Half-Fairy who found it.
I see, thank you for bringing this up Mimi. Both the curiscity of our extended neighbourhood and your precious hiding place.
Ooops. Heh heh.

Cover image: by TaraFaeBelle


Author's Notes

The images of Mimi, Taegrin and the Supervisor's faces were created using Artbreeder.

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