Sea Monsters

Mimi, Elder Jazzach has asked for your help (well, the help of your artifact to be specific) as her brother, Almeta Bearach has ad something happen to him. As it is artifact related, do take your spear, though talk with Taegrin about what he found out about it when you two did the artifact reports.

Observation Log of KLO Mimi Lakes: Sea Monsters

month the , Year of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle
  Sea monsters are real. But that's okay if you don't believe me, I'll make our fight sound much more impressive anyways.

Abandoned Whale Babies

A number of the current myths about sea monsters have been revealed to be pregnant whales or other such large fish doing unique things, like that one time an octo-fish was carrying a giant staghorn coral as a hat. I personally think that whales and sea monsters have a secret pact, that every time a sea monster gets found out, the whales come in and make up a 'believable' story.
  Just like the place where I battled the sea monsters to get the spear artifact, it has now become a place for abandoned whale babies. I mean, they ould have been there before as well, and I just didn't notice cause the monsters were so much bigger. But, I guess they do sound similar.
  So, that place where I battled the monsters, Almeta Bearach went there himself, by himself. That's a bit worrying. At least most of the monsters had left by then, no doubt running away from me. There was just one left, the size of a small whale, he tells me, that was wounded. I beleieve he'd know the difference. i mean, whaes have colour in them. Sea monsters are just black. Like ink shadows come to life. They really mess with your depth perceptuion, too, aye?
  So, he went to help the sea monster and took out what was bothering the thing. The sea monster left and the baby whale bones that were probably there before were now much more easily seen. Almeta Bearach brought the artifact up to Bahriin, thinking he might have found something like I did. Why did he want to do so though?

Berserker Mode

Not long after he came back home to Bahriin (besides having Jazzach ground him), he 'became ferocious' - and those are Elder Jazzach's words, so you know it was crazy. Other Mermaids said he displayed reactions similar to the story of his ancestors. Elder Jazzach doesb't like them talking about it, as she thinks they were crazy, but apparently they went orange mad and kept trying to destroy the seabed in order to find and fight sea monsters.
  There was less logic in what Almeta Bearach was going through though, or maybe just his specific words were lost in his growls. I think it would be fun to see him making cookies in this berserker mode.

Artifact Touch

Umm, Elder Jazzach grabbed me pretty crazy and forced me to touch my artifact with Almeta Bearach's. His was stuck into his chest, so maybe she just didn't trust my accuracy skills or something. Anyways, he is sleeping now, and will be made to sleep for as long as he was raging for. So it won't be until after Taegrin's promotion ceremony that i can see him again. Wel, I left him a cookie recipe Hoen and I made, so he'll know I was here and thinking of him. Elder Jazzach let me leave it as long as I take the artifact away.


Miss, you said artifacts were rare? And there have been two found in the same spot in the last year? This seems pretty suspicious to me.

Supervisor Feedback

As the writer of the report, if you make any assumption, make sure that they are clearly stated as assumptions, and not facts. It is fine for you to put in your own thoughts, but do it in such a way that they could be easily taken out without taking away from the flow of the rest of the report. Diary entries are a valid (enough) resource, but they are a different type of written evidence to an observational report.
      Council Notes
Send out a team to investigate the area. Surely, sea monsters aren't real. Surely.


Author's Notes

The images of Mimi, Taegrin and the Supervisor's faces were created using Artbreeder.

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