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Observation Log of KLO Mimi Lakes: Mimi's Diary

Awemonth the 38th, Year 53 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle


Librarians are the height of respect and admiration for many a Knowledge Liaison Officer (KLO). They are the practicing head of the organisation, and have the responsibility of giving missions to many departments. The report directly to the Council of Turien (along with the other two top ranks in the KL organisation) and they look out for new recruits. They also know how to sift and weave information through the departments so that each department knows just a little bit more than enough, but not near close enough information to know everything. KLO's are still people, and some unfortunate people leave to cause real world trouble with the knowledge they have.
  Many KLOs want to rise through the ranks (of slightly interesting sounding names, to mundane sounding names) to become a Librarian. There is a Librarian in each City and in the Council Housing. They also have to look after the books of the library their base is at, as if looking after the books was their only job.
  To me, that sounds exhausting. Although I have seen a lot in these last couple of years of the world, and I think I have grown up a bit, even if something isn't 'fun' I don't want to be 'exhausted'. Honestly, after having to leave the desert, I could hardly get out of bed for a while, even after I was properly hydrated. That's why Taegrin has been trying to get me to get promoted, i think, in order to motivate me to get up again and do things.
  He even brought me cookies from Almeta Bearach.
  *tear stain*   I couldn't even do my job yet.
  *rubbed off*   *Torn paper*
Means there is another opportunity coming.
Maybe even not long from now.

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