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Observation Log of KLO Mimi Lakes: Kenger Inc.: Reagan's Kidnappers

Praymonth the 23rd, Year 53 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle
  We found Reagan. Sort of. We found where they had kept him, and then where they left him. And now we are on his trail. I'm not entirely sure that the previous medical company and Kenger Inc. (a small group who trade metals with Sarahthe Technology Fairy's company and a bunch of other places, including the medical company) are related, except for the people in the trading line.

Magical Metal

So, that particular group like to trade metal, but they have been running out of the purer magical metals, so they've been trying to find ways to increase the magic inside metal. They approached the magic department of the previous medical company after hearing about the improved hearing implants. Solkry was a town of outcasts. Most of the travellers we saw, were actually related to (mostly) Dwarves who had been cast out from Gemoss for unsavory mining practices. So, there was a lot of weird stuff going on, and all sorts of madness in betwenn, but it looks like the main motivator was money. That feels really disatisfying. KLO-toon also finds it disappointing. Although, I think he wanted more of a reason to beat someone up.


Some people are better at magic. Whether it is using their own magic, being more effieicent, or just being more creative in how they can use it. That (as far as we can tell) is why there were so many people experiments. If they could give someone greater magic, then they could make stuff and gain more money. I'm pretty sure we're missing something. But that is also what they stole the Brooch for - to increase one's obsession for magic.


They used the Brooch on Reagan. But, it didn't do anything. Or, at least, it didn't do anything they wanted. Maybe that is why they threw him into the desert instead of outright killing him. Or maybe they have another Harpy ritual. *Shivers*
  We are starting to search the desert, but we quickly lot trace of him. It's so hot. I don't like it here.


I dislike the desert.

Supervisor Feedback

If you feel you are missing something, you can always suggest things to look at next, or look further into in your reflection section.
  Council Notes
Hero Steve suggested we use Magenta's holographic mapping technology to help search. However, we have been informed that only she can use it, as it is part magic. We are attempting to imitate the mapping with a Fairy. It is slow going.

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Author's Notes

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