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Observation Log of KLO Mimi Lakes: Humans Under Rule

Analysemonth the 20th, Year of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle

Centuries ago, when the six races were simply six races, and Warbeast-kin didn't exist yet - Humans didn't live in cities as they do now. Only the Elves and Mermaids had a city. The Elf city is still the same one the Forest Elves now live in, and Mermaid Cove has always been a city, apparently.
  Back then, Humans were split between the other races, in particular, the Elves, Fairies and Beast-kin. There was a small coastal settlement near Mermaid Cove on the shore (maybe a few more too) and a few camps where Nymphs would play.
  The Elves have a colourful history with Humans. Maybe that's why the Forest Elves who don't like to admit their mistakes stay away from Humans a lot of the time, and the Dark Elves stay with Dwarves cause they wanted to atone for their mistakes.
  In particular, the Humans who lived with Elves in the The Elven Kingdom around the (year 2800)?), had made a note in the history records. I tried finding a name for them, but most terms for this specific group of Humans were not that nice. I did find one reference as them as 'The Elven Kingdom's Humans' but that's a real mouthful. Eventually, I found the name 'Foresman' which sounds like someone just squished 'forest' and 'Human' together, so that is what I will go with for this report.
Teagrin: The Faires had their Density then too.
Mimi: But they just use trees, they don't have buildings!
Teagrin: Does a building make a city?
Mimi: Um... It makes a better one anyways.

Taegrin: That's not something to summarise an entire race with - besides, isn't your article on something that happened more than (200???) centuries ago?
Mimi: Yeah?

Elven Arrogance & Human Suffering

As far as I can tell, around this time, Elves still had a number of different ways to build things. And although their clothes were similar, they had a lot of competition between them. Basically, it was an over heightened war over creative rights.
  This was heightened by the fact that there was soon be a Royal Celebration. Well, a few actually. There was to be a coronation, and a wedding, and a birth slipped in there somewhere to. Plus, a few of the High Nobles had coming of age ceremonies at the time - and the closer they were to the Royal family, the more they were pushing for certain architects and designers to be known.
  So, where did the Humans come in? Well, they were used as spies, errand runners and scape goats. The Royal Baby got killed and it was pinned on a Human spy. So the Humans were then not just looked down on, but looked down on with disgust and distaste (to say the least).
  Before the ceremonies, the Elves looked after the Foresman as they would servants. Give them food, clothing, shelter and jobs. But the clothing wasn't peculiar or special, the fanciest recipes weren't taught and shelter was basic. It met Human needs well enough, but wasn't ingrained into the Elves culture and lifestyle. Even though the Elves would not recommend (mostly by denying what they gave) the Foresman from wearing anything outside of what fit the cultural looks. I kinda like the looks, but to deny a whole people group what to wear to express themselves isn't that good, probably? I mean, wouldn't it just ask for rebellion?
  Furthermore, the Elves used the Foresman to do their dirty work, and then despised the Foresman for doing such work. But what could the Foresman do? The Elves had magic and they did not. 

The Actual Culprits

Foresman were not the ones who killed the Royal Baby. Or maybe, some were involved in getting in the castle, and the actual killing, and spying in between. But they had no motive to kill the baby. If they really did want to change, they'd rather steal the baby and teach them as they grow, then bring them back to the Royal Palace to take over the Elven Kingdom and give the Foresman rights and better treatment. I found a letter that said this, too. Although it got a bit crumpled over the years and is a bit hard to make out the original - but most reproductions in the Library of this letter are saying almost the same thing. There's only one reproduction that says that they want to destroy the Royal baby, while all the others suggest that it was more along the lines of 'destroy the Royal family, or make it our own'. 
  Personally, I think the original smells like lime. But, the flower lime. I should have some for lunch.
  So the actual culprit of the Royal baby's death was some of the High Noble faction's of the Elven Kingdom. They were found and stripped of their nobility: they had their Dragonscales taken from them and forced into low magical work so that their hair shine wouldn't appear any more than it already had and they were forced to marry into the lower classes, and not the nobles. 
Taegrin: Isn't the flower lime poisonous?
Mimi: Yes. It tastes much better than the fruit.

After the Death

Although the real culprits were found, they were punished quietly and Foresman were not absolved of the crime. A writing was found that simply said "Foresman were complicit in the crime and therefore share the guilt" but the Foresman probably had no say in the matter. And then they were basically treated like slaves for that entire generation of Elves.     


Elves have always been a bit arrogant, but it's not fair to base an entire Race's judgement based on the actions of a few. So maybe I can say that there has been one particular generation of Elves that was more arrogant than most. Also, I'm a bit sad for the Foresman - they had generations of suffering under one generation of Elves just because that generation couldn't admit the fault of an Elf over a Foresman. 
  Council Notes
There was mention in the Hidden Archives that the Foresman letters were often poisoned after the Royal baby's death, but it was never proven true at the time. Is there a way to test it now? Could Mimi be able to detect poisons, or help us create better poison detectors?

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