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Farming Village A

  There's a market. There's an annual Farmer's Festival. There's a pair of neighbouring farms that have been feuding for generations. This is [Farming Village A].   Jade's grandfather lives in this village. Specifically, he┬áis one of the feuding farms. Even though he is a Dryad, he thought it would be fun to try farming. That was about 300 years ago. About 50 years after that, he read a romance novel that spoke of a famous farmer - who had a rival he'd just managed to beat every Farmer's Festival with a giant vegetable. Jade's grandfather sent a letter to his neighbour farmer:
My pumpkin will beat yours at the next Farmer's Festival.
- Neighbour
  His neighbour had never even heard him speak before, but was quite hot blooded. Thus, he reacted. And a generational rivalry was born.     The town itself is fairly spread out, as most houses are attached to farmland. Vegetables, rice and wheat are the main products of the village. (There's a smaller village just south of them that produces sugar cane).     In the middle of town there is a small grocery store, a petrol station, and a few other town necessities.   There's not too much for the town to worry about - if they have an issue they can't solve, they turn to Jade's grandfather. He has been with them for as long as the people can remember (they all being Human), and know he knows things, even if he doesn't speak much. He does like to help others (mostly because he read in a different romance novel that that's what the best farmer's do - save the town and offer advice). Thus, even though he doesn't speak much (at least, compared to the gossiping housewives and over-energetic children of the town) he does offer a piece of advice to every one he meets. Most of the villagers know to take this advice with a grain of salt (even though he is handsome and has the voice of a wisened old sage in his prime)

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