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East-City's Logging Facility

East-City is situated just to the west of the Great Forest. The entrance to the Great Forest near East-City has two very old Dryad 'welcomers'. They used to partake in trade when younger, but have gotten to the age where they have to stay planted in one spot in order to absorb Turien's magic and continue living. Due to their friendly attitudes, they have quite good relations with the Human's of East-City and helped them sort out the appropriate trees to be logged. Over time, some of the Dryads helped the Humans create their own specialised tree patch.   This tree patch became the primary area for logging and a specialised plant was built around it. Humans cut down the trees, and replant them, occasionally with help from a wandering Dryad. There are 3 primary wood types that are used for the various buildings, furnishings and instruments that Humans make and use. Exports of wood and wood products travel across Turien, though the five Human cities take at least 78%.   Around the logging facilities, a small town erupted. Although they are counted as part of East City, many of the town's inhabitants prefer to isolate themselves from the rest of the city and call themselves the 'East Log Town'. This ws relatively easy due to the river Rhea running through East City, and the logging facilities simply claiming the north side. There are a number of families that live in this area, including the fathers of Steve Brown and Trevor Brown. These cousins grew up together, but soon left their unreasonable fathers and the town for a better life.   Due to the closed-off nature of the town, the secret laboratory that was destroyed in The Incident was able to fulfil its intended role. Although many are glad the laboratory was destroyed and restrictions have been put in place to stop the Human's research on magic and experiments on sentient beings, the goal of creating a magical weapon able to be wielded by Humans was completed - even if it can only be activated by one Human.    This incident only caused the closed-heartedness of the town's inhabitants to deepen. They started to build an official wall around the area of East Log Town, destroyed most of the bridges across Rhea, and will not let in any person who has not been given clearance by their own logging facilities. This extends to children who wish to move to another area for schooling (including attending the universities found in Mid-City). They have created their own tertiary facility with everything necessary for a career within the logging facility.
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