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Council Housing

Observation Log of KLO Mimi Lakes: Council Housing

Awemonth the 16th, Year 52 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle

The Council of Turien works and lives in the Council Housing on the cloud above Mid City. The main building is the Parliament House, and that is where most of the administration and governing of the Council takes place. 

Parliament House

After going up the Elevator, one arrives in front of the steps leading up to Parliament House. You can tell a Forest Elf must have helped construct the place as there is a lot of purified white stone, from the steps to the pillars to the walls. Dryads must have helped though, as the ridiculously large doors are made from a very dark coloured wood. 
  The tour we were assigned to started on the steps of Parliament House. Thankfully we were not early, so we didn't have to stand still listening to all the information the tour guide spoke about. Pretty sure it was all going to be pointed out on the tour anyways. 
  Anyways, once we were all there, they took us up the stairs and did a 'grand opening' of the doors. The guide was saying something about the doors aren't often open as there is a smaller door to the left that the staff generally use, but as we are a special group they are opening it specially for us. 
  Inside was a large hallway, with a few doors either side, and a fancy double sided staircase at the back. We walked around the hall, each door being opened and shown what it was. Things like the bathroom, the kitchen, administration workers offices and the like. 
  Up the double staircase was what we were all really waiting for. The Council room. The room where it happens. The room where Forbidding takes places. 
  We all calmly went up the stairs. 
  We waited in front of the doors. 
  The tour guide gave me a funny look.
  Then he opened the doors and we walked inside (after promising not to touch anything). I did not touch anything (except the floor) as requested. The red carpet was either new or cleaned and maintained really well, as it was quite fluffy beneath one's feet. 
  The thick table was made with the same dark wood of the grand doors out the front of the building. Although it looked really heavy, a Fairy could easily move it with their wind magic, or an Elf use their earth magic to move the floor around to reposition the table, or a Beast-kin use their strength to move it directly, or a Dryad could infuse their own trees into it to make it walk around the room. 
  Underneath the table was a small pool under a Mermaid's bubble dome. There was a tiny lever on the outside of it. I didn't touch it. But maybe because I was staring so hard the tour guide explained what it did. If the lever was pulled, the pool would be raised up, and the dome would open up so the pool was in the open. Then, a Forbidding could take place. A document would be written up (presumably done before the lever was pulled) and put into the pool. Then, the blood of all six Council members would be placed in the pool as well. Then they had some chanting to do. A confirmation as the document rose in sparkles, and then the document would disappear and the magic written on it would be Forbidden. I want to see it. 
  The walls have a few things on them, wrapped in fancy gold coloured frames, including the letter to invite Harkens Mish to the first ever Forbidding, and a few other important documents. There are photos of the current members of the Council as well as paintings of the founding members, except that the founding Fairy Councilmember's face is blurred.  There are no windows, and the lights are dim, but can be made as bright as one may want them. There are columns around the room, signifying the six colours of the six major races. The walls are a brown-beige colour, and there are three different doors into the room, although the third door is made to look like more of the wall. A cupboard, the tour guide said. 
  From a birds eye view of the room, I can confirm that the table is rectangular shaped, and that it is not quite in the centre of the room. There are also labels above each of the gold coloured frames (Taegrin has written about them in his report). 


The second largest building belongs to the Library, although, a lot of it is taken up by offices and work areas for administration staff and KLO. It is the highest honour for a KLO to work here.


The Council members and a few of the staff live here. The rest live in Mid City. 

Wrap Up

The Council Housing is situated above Turien, and looks as fancy as one would expect a governing body to be. The most anticipated room is the main council room, where Forbidding takes place. It would have been a better tour if there was a snack stand. 
What calmly? You raised your hand and asked to race, then raced up the stairs.
If I didn't go first, you wouldn't have known about the goo in the stairs. I cleaned it up nicely for everyone.
... You are hopeless.
Hey! I didn't touch anything!
You might as well have, with how close you got to everything.
All I promised was that I wouldn't touch anything. They never asked me not to be so close to it all.
And then even after all of that snooping, you haven't even written much about all the things of note in the room. 
With the amount of questions you asked me about them all, I'm drained of information giving about them.
Sparkles? That's what it sounded like to you?
Sparkles are fun. 
That doesn't ... never mind.
Do you think they still provide lunch?
Forbidding aren't really a public thing anymore.
I heard that the top three KLO are allowed in regardless.
Then work hard and get promoted.
I just might. 
For as excited as you got for the Library and Housing, you haven't written much.
It's in similar proportion to what you wrote. 
Two pages and twenty pages are very different lengths, that give a different room for all the things.
You're going to give our supervisor a headache. 

Supervisor Feedback

Mimi, please, if you are on a your stay behind the tour guide - particularly when going to a new area / room, let them go first. Although, I must thank you for cleaning up the spillage on the staircase. 
As it is an independent report, the first time you use KLO (or any acronym) you must use the full wording with the acronym in brackets, i.e. knowledge liaison officer (KLO), then using KLO for every instance afterwards is expected. 
The last line was unnecessary, particularly without mentioning the lack of snacks earlier on. 
  Council Notes
It seems Mimi can follow through with her promises, provided that they are specific enough. This could be good practice for adding requirements to Forbidding. 
Perhaps add a recess time for the tour, or at least give out water bottles. 

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Author's Notes

The imagesof Mimi and Taegrin's faces were created using Artbreeder.

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