Cannibal Wretches


A race of cannibalistic humanoids who live beneath the ground in loose packs. Most believe Ghouls to be the remnants of ancient civilizations who, in desperate times, resorted to cannibalism to survive. They are now unholy monsters whose hunger can no longer be sated by any sustenance except for the flesh of humans or humanlike creatures.   Despite their diet and primitive appearance, Ghouls are generally as intelligent as the average human. Their need to devour sapient flesh and general monstrous appearance normally keep them from living with any but their own kind. Still, a ghoul can be reasoned with, though few are brave enough to try, and they share many enemies with humanity. Their racial hatred of Moonbeasts is particularly notorious.  

Unique Abilities

  Diseased Bite: Creatures who take any amount of LP damage from a Ghoul's Rotting Bite attack must make a DR check with a difficulty of 160 or contract Ghoulish Necrosis.   Ghoulish Necrosis: Disease Level 60, DR 160, Onset Immediate. A creature suffering from Ghoulish Necrosis must watch in horror as their flesh begins to decay, bloodlessly and painlessly, until it is sloughing off the bone near the point of contagion. Such a creature must make a resistance check once per hour, starting with the first transmission. On failure, their Physical Resistance is lowered by an amount equal to their degree of failure. If the creature's PhR reaches zero from this effect, they die. Lost PhR returns at a rate of 10 per day. Ghoulish Necrosis requires three consecutive successful resists to overcome, or can be cured by magic or similar effects. Not contagious except through Ghoul bites.   Cannibalism: As undead creatures, Ghouls do not heal naturally. To restore their health, they must devour the flesh of other sapient creatures. A ghoul who deals Rotting Bite damage to the LP of a human, humanoid, or otherwise sapient creature immediately heals that amount of LP if possible, up to their maximum. By taking a minute to fully devour a corpse, a Ghoul fully heals its LP, but does not recover from criticals or similar effects.
Biological Sex
Skin Tone
Ghastly white
~80-140 lbs
Character Prototype

Character Portrait image: グール by うにょっく@Nottsuo


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