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Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria Louisa Isasole

The most recent ruler of Jaque, Queen Victoria is a kind and generous supporter of peace and education. She has ruled for seven years so far.


Born in 470 APC, Victoria Isasole was an intelligent and studious young girl. By the time she was ten, Victoria often stole her older brother's history and political study books to read for fun. After completing her required education two years before she needed to, she applied to prestigious diplomatic schools. However, because of her age, she was turned away by many of them. Her grandmother, the matriarch of the wealthy Isasole family, eventually paid for a school to accept her. Victoria dedicated herself to her schoolwork and became a favorite of all her professors. While in school, Victoria became involved with social outreach programs and joined several clubs to encourage better education systems for children.  
If I am to be queen, I will be making some changes. Particularly in the education departments. Children are not taught well enough with our current system. It needs to change.
— Victoria Isasole
At twenty years old, Victoria and her classmates graduated. Victoria was quickly accepted by the Jaquean Senator as a diplomacy consultant and she worked in the palace for two months before the queen died and the palace officials chose her to be the new queen. The young woman was surprised and delighted to have been chosen and was crowned in the year 494.
  One of Victoria’s first acts as queen was to change acceptance policies for universities. With her new laws, any applicants who could pass the entrance exams of a university could be accepted by that school, regardless of age or social status. She also financed multiple curriculums and publicly encouraged students to work hard. Along with education, Victoria placed a high priority on diplomacy and negotiation. She supported diplomatic schools and strengthened her alliances with other peaceful planets.   Her family was important to Victoria, and although her duties prevented her from seeing them as much, she made an effort to invite them to parties, holiday gatherings, and other large events. Her brother moved to the palace and was elected as an official of trade agreements, while her parents and grandmother were content to remain in their country villas and see their daughter and granddaughter for holidays.   In 501 BPC, Queen Victoria started receiving disturbing threats from the planet of Visor, a military dictatorship that had conquered nearby planets and moons. At first, she paid them very little mind, focusing instead on appointing Hailey Asuga, the young heir of the Asuga family, as the planet’s assistant IPA senator and switching several of her handmaidens with younger women. However, after a trade ship was attacked by pirates just days after a note threatening that same trip, she started to be concerned. When an offer from a powerful planet for an alliance against Visor arrived, Victoria eagerly agreed to their rather strange conditions and requested assistance from the IPA. She selected her representatives carefully and sent them to Zenricho first, hoping that the threats to her beloved home would be soon ended and she could sleep easy at night. Unbeknownst to her, the same enemies sending threats against her planet have also planned to remove her as the ruler.
27 years old
Current Residence
Jaquean Palace
Dark brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
About 5'7"
Ruled Locations
I have never had magic, although my grandmother did. My parents were both born offworld, and so prevented it from reaching me. But that has never stopped me from being a good queen. All I have ever needed to do is watch, learn, and work hard. But perhaps this world needs someone with magic to rule. If so, I can only pray that the right person will be granted the power that is required.
— Queen Victoria's journal

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Cover image: Sunset by Lilliana Casper
Character Portrait image: Queen Victoria by Lilliana Casper with Artbreeder


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