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Jaque (JAH-kwuh)

Perfect, peaceful paradise (well, somewhat)

One of the largest planets in the galaxy, Jaque is home to an incredible city and hundreds or thousands of smaller villages. Known for its beautiful scenery and warm climate, Jaque is a beautiful paradise with a rich history and powerful but gentle magic.


Jaque has four oceans and four continents, with many rivers, islands, lakes, and seas. The entire planet is roughly 140,000 kilometers in diameter and has two moons, neither of which are visible in the sky at the same time. Jaque's largest continent is called Rei and is the location of the capital city and over two hundred smaller towns and villages. The other continents are Signa, Amora, and Zauq and the oceans are the southern sea, the central ocean, and the eastern and western oceans. There are hundreds of rivers and lakes across the four continents, linking nearly all the water sources together.
by Lilliana Casper
  Despite its rather warm, almost tropical climate, Jaque has no jungles or even any large forests. Trees are scattered across the surface of the planet, never reaching above twenty-five feet. Most of the planet is open space, but the surface has more hills and valleys than it has plains. A few small mountain ranges curve across the continents of Signa and Rei, making prime locations for the homes of nobility.
Ocean depths can reach 36,000 feet. Sea life is incredibly versatile, with fish and sea mammals making their homes in extensive kelp forests and coral reefs. Below the oceans are enormous cave systems and solid rock that is mined for precious stones. The oceans and seas meet land at gorgeous white beaches lined with palm trees, the same terrain as the smallest islands.


Jaque is warm nearly all the time due to its proximity to the nearest star. Only three months of the year have temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and only one of those months is cold enough for snow. The climate is also rather wet, with light showers every week and moderately high humidity.

Fauna & Flora

Jaque has many unique species of plants and animals. Bellumvale coral, for instance, is very popular for jewelry and decorations. Known mostly for its rapid growth and regeneration, bellumvale comes in several different colors and is as hard as rock. Another unique species is the polduf, a large creature described as an adorable cross between a polar bear, wolf, and alpaca. These gentle animals are used for transportation and their soft fur, while some rich Jaqueans keep them as pets.


Jaque was discovered around 3000 BPC by Jaque Elementine an ancestor of the oldest noble family on Jaque. The planet, which had no sentient natives, was named after the young woman, and her family settled on the planet with several friends. After a few hundred years, other settlers had arrived and Jaque had a complete government led by an elected or selected queen and her advisors.   The Jaquean people soon realized that they had developed magical gifts, and those with the abilities learned how to control them. They also discovered one of Jaquean magic's fundamental laws, the Law of Innocence. In the years after the discovery of its magic, Jaque began to be mined for its rare and beautiful jewels. After several years of this mining, the citizens of Jaque became concerned about the effect it would have on the planet's resources. Mining was significantly decreased in order to allow the planet more time to recover.   In the year 92 BPC, Jaque became one of the first members of the Interplanetary Peace Alliance (IPA) and increased tourism began. The queen and her advisors quickly set strict rules for all visitors in order to protect the world's plants and animals. Many of the oldest families saw this as an opportunity to sell some of their resources for profit, and by the time of the Polaris Collapse Jaque was incredibly wealthy. The oldest families were joined by smaller families who were also raised to nobility thanks to their newfound wealth. Despite a large number of nobles, the Elementine, Asuga, and Goldstein families remained some of the biggest and most influential lines.   After the Polaris Collapse, Jaque became the second largest planet in the galaxy. Over the years, it also became one of the only planets to believe in the existence of Eternals and the legends that surrounded them. In the year 494 APC, Queen Victoria the third was elected by palace advisors. She was chosen from a list of academy graduates and was a staunch supporter of education and diplomacy. She financed diplomatic academies and approved plans to allow younger students into higher-level classes as long as they passed entrance exams. One of her major decisions was selecting twelve-year-old Hailey Asuga, the current heir to the Asuga family, as the planet's assistant senator for the IPA.


Because of how well-known Jaque is for its beaches and warm climate, tourism is incredibly high. It is estimated that 4 billion tourists from the IPA and an additional 400 million from other planets visit Jaque every year for vacations or other recreational trips.
by Lilliana Casper
Included Locations


Jaquean magic is completely native to the planet and is simultaneously complex and simple. The effects and manipulations possible with Jaquean magic are simple and relatively easy to learn, but the inheritance and restrictive rules are often difficult to understand. Jaquean magic manifests in people born on Jaque after five consecutive generations of their family are born on the planet. Probably the most difficult rule of Jaquean magic, however, is the Law of Innocence.   Discovered almost two thousand years before the Polaris Collapse, the Law of Innocence is a natural restriction to Jaquean magic. Because Jaquean magic can be used to do almost anything, it is entirely possible to hurt or kill someone with it. Because of this, if a user of Jaquean magic uses it to torture or attempt the murder of a child or someone who has never harmed a living creature, their power disappears and they are no longer able to use it. In theory, the law appears simple, but once studied carefully, it becomes confusing.   Exceptions to "child" have been found and "never harmed a living creature" can apparently be interpreted in multiple ways. Insects and certain pests are not counted, indirect harm is not counted, and childhood squabbling is also not counted. Neither is self-defense. However, punishment, bullying, and defamation are counted.  
by Lilliana Casper

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