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Crown of the Earth

The lost crown of the Royal Consort in a dying empire

As seen in
Crown of the Earth by Anonymous (Vintage)
The Crown of the Earth is the lost counterpart to the Crown of the Stars, the Imperial Crown of the Avalonian Empire. This is the crown intended for the Royal Consort of the Imperial Monarch. Like the Crown of the Stars, the Crown of the Earth has been lost to time and space.   According to legend, the Crown can only be worn by the true love of the Arcorael, and that anyone else who tries will be destroyed by the power of the Crown. This has created havoc in the past more than once; such as when a marriage for the Arcorael was politically, and not romantically, motivated.   Once the Crown of Earth has accepted the Monarch's chosen consort, known as the Arcoraela, they have equal authority to the Arcorael, and equal claim to inheritance rights for their offspring.


Avalonian Imperial Crest.png
Avalonian Imperial Crest
The Crown of the Earth has a unique property in that it changes to reflect the flora of the current season and geographic location of its wearer. The Crown on Peridot might sprout Starflowers, moss, and cedar boughs in Skyreach Harbour; or philodendrons and orchids in Kanothi -- while if it were on Caer'Thun, it might sprout forget-me-nots and pine boughs in the alpine city Sol'Tohvassneris; or bunchgrass and heather if on the plains of Veldarra. In space, the plants it displays tend to the truly weird and beautiful, with glowing crystalline flowers and strange bioluminescent mushrooms.   The plants that appear on the Crown do not manifest instantly. The plants from its previous environment that are no longer relevant in the current one begin to wither and fade, as the new plants bud and bloom. This happens at an accelerated, but otherwise natural rate. The withered and dried foliage can be removed with no harm to the Crown.

A Brief History

The Crown of the Earth was said to be created by Danu or Frigga Herself, with aid from Bile or Vidar at the Dawning of Avalon, which is supported in the scattered remnants of the Imperial records, and the mythology of the priesthood. Others claim it was formed by a master Druid in service to the Imperial Crown. Whatever the case, the Crown has been worn by the High King or High Queen of the elves for millennia, and it (or something like it) is depicted in even the most ancient Avalonian art.

The Succession Wars

The Succession Wars shattered the Avalonian Empire and led directly to the loss of the Royal Crowns. Sources dispute the cause of the initial conflict, but it is generally accepted that Sidhe, Sluagh, and others disputed the monopoly that the Ruaalfar and Alfar seemed to hold over the Succession.  

The Sundering

In 3301 AC, the Sluagh attacked the royal city of Avakiiralon . The population fled to Caer'Thun. While they were in flight, the sun of the Ruakashi System went supernova unexpectedly, eliminating all possibility of returning home to Avalon. Some historians believe the Crown of the Earth remains on the lost elven homeworld, but there is no way to know for sure.  

The Sacking of Tohvassneris

In 3304 AC, the Royal Family was attacked in the city of Tohvassneris and the Heir Apparent was kidnapped by dark elves. It is widely believed that the Crowns were lost in the conflict. However, there is no evidence to support this other than convenient timing.  

Other Theories

Other sources claim the Crowns were lost when the First Interstellar War broke out. Still others claim that the Crowns remain buried in the ruins of Tohvassneris, awaiting the Heir's return, or that the Tyrannen Empire took the Crowns, and either buried them in the secret grave of their Emperor, or that the Archmage Adinarik Vramyr took them for his own purposes when the Tyrannen fell.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

According to legend, the Crown of the Earth gives its wearer a special, direct bond with Trees of Life. What this means remains a mystery. Some sources say it was constructed of the living wood of a Tree of Life; others, that powerful, lost elven magic, or even divine intervention, is responsible for this power.   Other rumoured powers of the Crown include:
  • the power to pass freely through natural environments without leaving a trace of one's passing
  • the power to ensure fertile crops, fertile herds, or even the fertility of a willing sentient being
  • the power to change the life-pattern (genetics) of flora or fauna, or of a willing sentient being
  • the power to communicate with all flora and fauna in a given, interconnected biome
  • the power to animate and control plants within a 10 km radius
  • the power to accelerate the growth of any plants within a given biome
  • the power to summon the energies of the earth to heal all creatures of one species within a 1 km radius
  • the power to grow enough food in a night to feed an army
  Many of the stories of the use of these powers include apocryphal warnings not to overuse them. For example, overusing the "accelerated plant growth" power is said to have depleted soil enough to have created an artificial desert in the original Avalonian capital, sparking the first action in the Succession Wars when the Alfar nation Selasasava annexed the Sluagh nation of Yaalatha for their food-crops. When the Crown of the Earth was the sole provider of food for the Avalonian Army during a long and cold winter, diseases such as scurvy are said to have been rampant among the soldiers, because while the Crown was able to keep up with the amount of food required, it was not able to make that food sufficiently nourishing.   Also according to legend, the Crown cannot be worn by anyone who is not the true love of the Imperial Heir, nor anyone who is not "pure of heart." If the Crown rejects the wearer, then the wearer will die; although the method of the unworthy wearer's demise is unknown. Conflicting sources claim that it's a powerful curse, a biological toxin, a plague of venomous insects, or necromancy.

Manufacturing process

If the Crown was formed by mortal hands, it was surely by a master Druid, calling upon the greatest of ancient magics that the elves could command.


The Crown of the Earth represents the Avalonian Empire and the mandate of rule over it. Finding the Crown, and its companion, the Crown of the Stars, would reunite the Avalonian Empire, and potentially reverse elven decline.

Tree of Life Sapling by Yuri B

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Crown of the Earth by Darksouls1

Item type
Unique Artifact
Related Technologies
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
1.2kg / 2.65lbs
7 inches (17.78 cm) high, with a diameter of about 16 inches (40.64 cm)
Base Price
A priceless treasure, literally worth a king's ransom
Raw materials & Components
The Crown of the Earth is said to be formed of a living "twig" of a Tree of Life, which could be why it is able to sprout the native flora of its environment, no matter where it is. The writings of Selnaris Khi'Marinae support this claim.

Crown of the Earth by Victoria Borodinova

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The Crown of the Stars represents the Avalonian Empire and the mandate of rule over it. Finding the Crown, and its companion, the Crown of the Earth, would reunite the Avalonian Empire.

Cover image: Fantasy Flower Crown by Darksouls1


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