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Holidays in Lialin

Traditional and Folk Holidays

There are an array of holidays in Lialin, some more widely practiced than most. This article exists as a general overview, and does not seek to fully elaborate on a holiday's celebration or regional relevance. Dates provided where applicable, to best of ability on the Lialin Calendar.

Celestial Holidays

There are four 'celestial' holidays, referred to as their dates are determined by the positioning of the sun. Interestingly, the Stargazer's holiday is not one of these events. Two are much more popular than the others, with the solstice holidays serving as temporal anchors for setting calendar dates and determining seasons. The other two are more local festivals, and sometimes not celebrated at all. They are as follows, in order per the Theoli year:


Tempest - the New Year, first day of the first month, the Summer solstice.   Aurest - The fall equinox, usually coinciding with the second and smallest harvest festival. Typically celebrated around 4 Callin.   Aphest - the half-year, first day of Errosi, and Winter solstice.   Vernest - the spring equinox, usually celebrated as a planting festival, if at all. This festival occurs around roughly 42 Daran.


Common Holidays


Some holidays are simply widespread, though they do not correspond to any particular celestial event. Their form of celebration varies widely, though the time of their celebration seems fairly uniform.


Mirest - the early harvest, first of the harvest festivals. 2 Metoran.   Galest - the third and largest harvest festival, celebrated on the final day of Callin.   Fabrest - the Craftsmen's holiday, 8 Daran.   Astest - the Stargazer's holiday, 26 Sollin.


Regional Holidays


The following holidays are unique to their region, and rarely practiced outside them.


Ilmest - Theoli holiday based around Ilmira, often claimed to be her birthday. It is not, and the holiday is more about Theoli independence, but the practice has sprung up in various places. Celebrated 23 Errosi.   Orest - Orelli holiday marking their founding, or landing on the continent itself. Historical records are unclear, but the celebrations are focused around Orelli culture and history. Held 20 Orsi.   Tanoria - An Aheri holiday, celebrating youth and growth. Pregnancies are often announced at this time, or babies granted names.   Alalu - An Aheri celebration, honoring the ocean and all it provides for the islands. Swimming races or other watersports are often held, and various seafood consumed.   Akahi - An Aheri celebration, meaning 'clever unity'. It's considered an auspicious day for confirming deals or holding marriages. Originated due to a particular marriage of one of the Akahi princes and Ahera herself in 346 Orel.


Family Celebrations


There is one more holiday common in all three cultures, though it is the hardest to pin down. The Stone Man's day may be celebrated by individuals, by families, or by communities - but it is always on the anniversary of a death. This holiday is centered around paying respects to one's ancestors, or simply remembering the departed.


  *Regional holiday
** Stone Man's Day varies

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