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Altar of Athena

The Altar of Athena is an altar that stands at the front of the main hall of worship in the Church of Athena.  
Ram Rodraz by Jarhed


The Altar of Athena is a place of offering, where things are placed to be offered to Athena. Every ceremony features Priests placing things on there and offering them to Athena.   It is said that Athena used to manifest during services and judge the offerings, but since the ascension of Ram Rodraz, Athena has not appeared. Now, offerings are placed, and then taken away when everyone leaves. Ram then says Athena took them, but the other Priests know that in truth Ram took them and claimed it to be Athena.   Some say this is emblematic of Ram's regime in the Church of Athena, while others still say Ram is the true follower of Athena. The truth in this is unclear, but the mystery of Athena's manifestation puzzles everyone.  

Physical Description

The Altar of Athena is a marble altar with a red velvet blanket draped over it. A red and yellow pillow sits above it, and all offerings are placed atop the pillow. The Altar itself is shaped like a small house, with the roof being flattened off so offerings can be placed atop it.
Eden Zunno by Jarhed

Eden Zunno

Eden Zunno was one of the first Humans, who was present for A Dreamless Sleep. He was the first Human to discover the Church of Athena, and founded the organization of worship that still exists there to this day.   Eden Zunno also was the one who built the Altar of Athena as a place to offer things to Athena. It is said that he worked with Athena to build it.

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