The Elders are the backbone of our community, they have the most knowledge and they know how to deal with problems. Use this wisdom to your advantage, for you never know when it will disappear.
  Every tribe of The Wanderers have an elder. While not an official title, everyone recognizes it. It is usually the oldest person in the tribe who is considered the Elder, but it does depend a bit on things like personality and leadership ability as well. It doesn't matter if you're the oldest if no one ever comes to you with their problems.   The Elder works as a kind of leader of the tribe. As the person with the most wisdom, their opinions on things like where to go and when, are regarded very highly.   They also have a peace-keeping function. Whenever a trouble arises within the tribe, or between people of different tribes of Wanderers, it's the Elders of the tribes involved who try and solve the issue. This is mostly something that happens when larger number of tribes gather in the same place, as in their winter camps, or in the cities. If the Elder is considered to be very close to any of the people involved, or biased in some other way, an Elder from another tribe is recruited as their spokesperson to try and solve the issue.

Legality Outside Tribes

Others usually do not interfere with the Wanderers own issues and just let them sort it out themselves, even when tribes are staying in the cities.   When problems occur that involve a non-wanderer, however, issues can arise. The Wanderers prefer their Elders being involved in any law related matters, but obviously this is not always practical.
"If that woman don't stop trying and sneak of with our man soon, I'll go to their Elder!"

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