Simonee Tinshaving's Research

Treatise on Dragon Genealogy, Typology and Historical Records of the Dragon Kings

  By Simonee Tinshaving et al   Sources cited in this research: Mordin Withervein's Journal documenting his experiments with dragon eggs
The Tableaus of Mourning as depicted in the Hakani Cairns
The recollections of the sundering from Elowenna hed Corsicii and Daka the Highpriestess of Othea
The Annals of the Sundering
The personal accounts of Uzalanda the Wise and Yeda the Sphinx

The Dragon Law

Wer Ymmut Darastiryx Edak All wyrms of this earth shall be bound by the draconic laws
Wer Ymmut thon Vrakloex No one family of wyrmkin will dominate. No egg shall hatch to unbalance the scales
Wer Ymmut thon Vizeshith The land shall accept its lord and become one with the wyrm, and the Vizecuin above all
Wer Ymmut thon Bisai A wyrm is bound by the laws to demonstrate themself the pinnacle of the land
Wer Ymmut thon Vizecuin The Vizecuin's word surpasses even Wer Ymmut
  These laws, Wer Ymmut, bind all dragonkin and seem to also have some sway over non draconic reptillian creatures such as lizardfolk, yuan-ti and naga. The laws are magical in nature, and Uzalanda speculated that there must be some magic users who maintain the potency of such magics. It takes tremendous amounts of energy to bend or break these laws, except during the time of renewal, a period of roughly a month when the bonds of these laws are loosened. It is unclear at this time whether it is intentional on the part of the Guardians of Wer Ymmut for this diminishing to happen, or part of a natural cycle of magical upkeep, but regardless, this diminishing is also an integral part of understanding the behaviours of dragonkin throughout the ages.    

Draconic Typology

Never has a comprehensive list of dragonkin species been produced, for the simple reason that it is known that such a list would be incomplete even with the most thorough and dilligent of studies. As such, the list below should be viewed as a living document that will always require new data to be meaningful  

Chromatic Dragons

  • Red - Omog, the Crimson - Slain during The Sundering - Died 294 AI
  • Blue - Uzzdyr, the Searcher- Slain during The Sundering - Died 296 AI
  • Green - Kinthrex, the Runt - Slain during The Sundering - Died 296 AI
  • Black - Albarian, the Gifted - Slain during The Sundering - Died 295 AI
  • White - Avayadraz, Mother of Kings - Last seen 600 DR in Tesha, Oneri
  • Purple - Zizkezir, the Dark - Slain post-Sundering by Urik, Mountainstrider of the Hakani
  • Brown - Aelezochug, The Mammoth - Last seen 782 AI in Zasel, Iruven
  • Yellow - Shoth, the Plague - Slain during The Sundering - Died 292 AI

Ferrous Dragons

  • Gold - Kyrsar, the Noble - Slain by Yrresdym, the Devourer - Died 8,200 DR
  • Silver - Ethyt, Gentleheart - Slain during The Sundering - Died 295 AI
  • Bronze - Dursu, the Dauntless - Slain during The Sundering - Died 293 AI
  • Copper - Chymos, the Warm - Last seen 531 AI in Brugvari, Hofjorland
  • Brass - Uzalanda, the Wise - Last seen 795 AI near Xoyoatlan, Ibid
  • Steel - Byrserog, the Pure - Slain by Jubor Stormwaker - Died 6,200 DR
  • Iron - Groglothaur, The Arbiter - Last Seen 1,200 DR during the purification of Othyx
  • Mercury - Eldrai, the Mad - Slain during The Sundering - Died 295 AI

Gemstone Dragons

  • Sapphire - Vidhan, the Teacher - Living Patron of the Nawatli empire, unknown location
  • Emerald - Nyotazoi, the Frail - Living Patron of the Nawatli empire, unknown location
  • Amethyst - Arrath, the Beast - Slain during The Sundering - Died 295 AI
  • Topaz - Ozyr, the Smiling One - Last seen 80 AI near Stornes, Ulvsmy
  • Crystal - Izeriar, The Voiceless - Living Patron of the Nawatli empire, unknown location
  • Obsidian - Babusi, Bladewing - Slain by Kinthrex, the Runt - Died 1,700 DR

Other True Dragons

  • Fang Dragons - A population of fang dragons inhabit Karundun.
  • Lung Dragons - A population of lung dragons inhabit Lunum.
  • Planetouched Dragons - There have been multiple accounts in historical record of dragons that possessed qualities associated with other planes being born when dragon eggs are subject to large amounts of planar, magical or elemental energy.
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