Ardav, 796 AI

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Magic and religion have shaped this world. Power too great for the greed and corruption of man to be trusted with. Though the time of Dragons has waned, the great and powerful still put the lives of the masses in jeopardy as pawns of their great games.   The time of the Ancients has been and gone, and now, with even the dragons seeming vanquished, the mortals have grown complacent. The veils between the worlds are left unchecked, forgotten, and change, or danger, is free to seep into situ.   As the sun set on the great Balkirian empire, and the Old King Kainen closed his eyes for the last time, a knife sunk deep into Prince Orfeo’s heart. The wails of his mother, Queen Mirabelle, who lacked the blood to rule, and the howls of the jackals who sensed this vacuum could be heard carried on the wind for miles across the hilly plains of the Mekyazg, down the mighty river Onju. And ravens and horsemen carried the message further to lords in their castles, and surely the good Baron Bedegar is gravely concerned, but the breeze carries nary a sound to the remote village of Corby’s Landing to the south, sitting on an tributary a good 100 leagues even from the crashing breakers of the river Onju proper.   This is a world of sorrow, of struggle and of despair, but when given the means to rise above their station, a group of young adults will change the face of their world.