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The god of Nature and one of the original of the Creation Pantheon. A quiet god in the known history, Sprigg is oftentimes seen as a weaker or lesser god in the pantheon but is actually immensely powerful and one of the only gods that have been considered to not fall out of favor with the Primordials.

Divine Domains

Goddess of Nature


Sliver of Sprigg

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To preserve nature enough that it isn't wiped out, but not to prevent it evolving and changing. The different aspects all have different goals within, typically characterized by specifc aspects of nature. For example the aspect Lupin, the god of the hunt, exemplifies predators and how nature is a give and take cycle with predators and prey. 
After sometime Sprigg noticeably changed from focusing on bringing about a "natural" nature that didn't rely on Primordial energy. Some aspects of Sprigg still try to push that agenda but Sprigg as a whole has now rejected that ideal.
Divine Classification

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