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Ishtavault Lake Monster

The Ishtavault Laker monster is a legend that comes from the town of Ishtavault and is about an ancient lake monster that inhabits the nearby lake.


Legend says that the creature was first discovered by two girls that were crossing part of the frozen lake during an especially harsh winter. While crossing they noticed a pair of antlers sticking up out of the lake and assumed it was a drowned elk and went to cut off the antlers.   To get to the base of the antlers they broke apart the surrounding ice using picks which dislodged the antlers. Suddenly, the antlers began to rise and a giant eel-like creature with a flat head attacked them. While one of the girls was eaten immediately the other was able to get away due to the frozen lake stopping the creature from moving fast enough.

Historical Basis

There have been multiple sightings of the Ishtavault Flathead monster, but no official records exist of it. While not recorded or written down in anyway, it is known that the two girls did in fact exist with one dying on the lake. No body was found however, and while some simply believe she drowned, the majority of the village remains unconvinced after several more alleged sightings were seen throughout the years.   Many scholars in High Moldur and the Great Library believe it is simply a very large sturgeon or yet other unidentified freshwater fish that was feeding on a drowned elk when the antlers were caught in it.


The legend of the Ishtavault Flathead monster is well known throughout the southeastern area of the Moldur Region. While the scholars of High Moldur are aware of the legend, they do not officially recognize it nor does the Great Library keep documents certifying the monster's existence.
Inspired by the Flathead Lake Monster in Montana

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