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Olchonwin (ol.t͡ʃo.nwĩ)

Hey, hey, careful. These are our youngest trees, only planted a few years back, and they aren't quite as sturdy as the young ones in your lands. Not yet, anyway. So no stomping around, alright? Gentle steps.
— Henkyo Anta, Wisrowensa elder
Olchonwin is a town in the Shyanhol League. Though small, it is considered the "capital" of the Wisrowensa clan within the League, despite being within Nu'otinhol territory.


Sources disagree on whether Olchonwin predates the existence of the Wisrowensa or not, with the clan claiming that the building of its first house is when they came to be a distinct entity, and the Nu'otinhol believing it had existed for many years prior. Whichever is the case, the town came to be heavily associated with logging due to its position in a lush forest, and the Wisrowensa clan set about gathering wood for use in expanding the town.   This expansion came very slowly, as the clan were compelled to reimburse the Nu'otinhol for the land, and as they recognised the necessity of slow cutting and replanting to ensure the forest's health. In time, this led to the development of the Wisrowensa clan's nomadic tendencies, wandering throughout the territories of the other clans to tend to log their forests and use the lumber to repay the hosts.   Though this nomadic lumberjacking is the most well known trait of the clan, the existence of a handful of permanent settlements persist. Olchonwin is their largest, hosting many of the children, elderly, and disabled in the clan, or those otherwise unable to travel consistently. Every few years it balloons to host the majority of the entire clan, when the nomads return from their rounds to fell the local forest once more.


Though known as a logging town, logging only occurs every few years in Olchonwin, when the nomads 'complete' their round of the valley. In the intermediary years, the town mostly focuses on the cultivation of willow trees, which the residents use for weaving baskets and minor repairs. They also do minor foraging in their forests, and do 'odd jobs' for the nearby Nu'otinhol settlements in exchange for food and clothes.   During most logging seasons, the only trees cut will be willows and pines, as these trees grow quickest and are usually mature enough for harvest. Every few decades, however, there will be a harvest of hardwood trees, which take far longer to reach adequate heights for use. Unlike the willows, these and pines are not grown in a single batch, but staggered over many years so there are a handful available each logging season.
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Though the town of Olchonwin officially belongs to the Wisrowensa clan, and many of the individual trees in the forest are designated as theirs, the land around the settlement belongs to the Nu'otinhol clan instead. This is a result of complicated lost treaties from eras past, which have been reaffirmed many times throughout the years.   Despite owning the forest, the Nu'otinhol rarely intrude upon the area when they hunt, and make a point of avoiding the trees wherever possible, so as to ensure the Wisrowensa have a good harvest. That said, it is not uncommon for young and naive hunters to trample on young saplings, and many arguments have been had over the consequences.
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