Tilandrial Shirk'la built
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Shirk'la built

Construction beginning/end


The underground city of Shirk'la was completed, and the entire city migrated underground.

For years before, Natura farmers had been crying for more land to grow more crops for the ever-increasing orders. A Terra magician stumbled upon a vast cave system underneath the valley, and came to the High Priest of Terra with an idea to move the city underground. The city agreed. It took five years for the many who were touched with Terra to finish terraforming the caves for inhabitation, and then the whole city moved underground. During those five years, Natura farmers worked on creating nuropi'ga, mushrooms with natural bioluminescence, to light the city. Fires would be a bad idea underground, where fresh air would be limited. They also started to breed crops that would thrive underground, as well as farm animals that would become their main source of fur and meat. Most of their breeding experiments were a success, and the citizens of Shirk'la used the entire valley just to grow their famous crops.

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