Tilandrial Shirk Valley obliterated
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Shirk Valley obliterated

Disaster / Destruction


The volcanoes that bordered the south of the valley erupt, spewing noxious gas and lava flows all over the valley.

Even though there had been an increasing number of earthquakes in the proceeding years, the Shirk did not head the earth's warnings. One day, after the strongest earthquake in living memory, four of the volcanoes erupted with immense force. Anyone who was above ground died, from either the blast itself or asphyxiation from the noxious gas. Many of the underground caverns collapsed.   The disaster happened so fast that by the time Arch Ananda was alerted and arrived on the scene, there was nothing left. Shirk Valley was covered in ash and lava, and the air overhead was so toxic she had to leave almost as soon as she arrived. There was nothing to be done.

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