Session 085: Feywild & Shadowfell Report

General Summary

The New Thylean pantheon got an interloper pantheon to lend their aide to their plan to take out the mad titan.

They then went to the Shadowfell & met the Raven Queen who wanted them to take some vermin out of her realm, they fought Vecna & were about to subdue him.

One of Jekkar's avatar's is training his new Dragonborn tools.
The Chosen have taken the items that deified them & gave them to Mytros to establish in a series of tests. 
She placed a testing location on Thule, the Scarred Lands, Midgard, & Thylea, they would be random.  They would prevent all forms of teleportation, have magical dead zones, & be next to impossible to complete. 
The conditions to entry are: max fame (60), & level 30.
  Gain all three items, gain the ritual Theogenesis to cast the spell, & preform the ritual.
Odyssey of the Dragonlords
Theron Phobas
Level 30 Human Neutral Good Ranger/Rogue
216 / 779 HP
Report Date
17 Jan 2022


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