Session 075: Elemental Evil Prince of Earth, Part 1 Report

General Summary

The party kept making their way to the Earth Prince of Evil.
Those in the Fane of the Eye made their way to a coffin of Drow origin, & came upon an altar with the 8 symbols of the Elemental Evils, the four greater having a larger prominance.  
  Hellenrae a monk with quite the punch defeated several of the J√∂rmungandr showed her the error of her ways with his fists.

Euadne had a sudden flash of inspiration as she made her way with Theron, that a wall could be made at the base of the portal to the plane of earth.

Making her way through using disintegration, & the remainder was broken through with ease.

Jekkar & Aetheria destroyed the altar in the Fane of the Eye, rescuing someone that had an open wound, Jekkar healed her & was able to make his way down to the Elemental Prince of Evil Earth.  
Pyra noticed a secret passage & was able to make his way down to Ogremoch.  
As we ended, Euadne was thinking about dropping the reverse gravity field.  Marlos Urnrayle, Ogremoch, & a handful of elmentals remained.
Odyssey of the Dragonlords
Theron Phobas
Level 30 Human Neutral Good Ranger/Rogue
216 / 779 HP
Report Date
01 Nov 2021
Primary Location


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