Session 018: Chimera & De-Void Exile Island Report

General Summary

Session 18: Chimera & The Void Exile Island.   The Chosen of the Oracle having repaired the Antikythera decided to set their course for Chimera Island. They got there & saw a Chimera flying around on the Island. The Chosen fought them.   The Chosen killed two Chimera they sacrificed one to Kentimane. (Arms of Kentimane can be called upon.) The Chosen had learnt that Kyrah was different in that fight. Kyrah tells them that the sacrifices to her have changed her she is now capable of casting bardic spells & uses bardic inspiration instead of a song (if there's an army her song replaces it). She tells Hulgnir that she can cast Teleportation Circle so she can take them to the Mithril Mines, Estoria, or Mytros. They went to the Mithril Mines, seeing a village of 100. Theron noticed that people were building homes, while everyone made their way into the Mines. They left their crafting ingredients with Volkan who put them into magical preservation barrels.   He gave Euadne a bag of magical bottles (to hold things like mimic glue, Black Dragon blood/acid) 10, & everyone a bag of funding (it allows you to fund things like strongholds & the cities that will come about in your name). (Everyone has a city now. You can pick where you want it.)   Making their way to Mytros they sold their gems. Pyra used his Diplomacy Pouch, he has a stronghold. To tell Volkan he had 20,000 GP & an Orb of Star Metal. Volkan sent a construct to collect the materials & Hammer. It left a Mace of Disruption & said this will take 10 days as it flew off.   Volkan used a sword he was going to give to Pyra.(edited) Deciding to kill time while Kyrah slept the Chosen sought out Lutheria’s Temple.   Oren went invisible, & found a suspiciously small basement. They found & rescued 13 children who had watched their parents be sacrificed. They were to be made members of the Cult of Lutheria. Brought to the palace the Chosen rested & returned to the Ultros.   They went to party & Hulgnir found Vallus in his bed when & they smashed all night.   With the Cauldron of Plenty & two Alchemy Jugs food was no longer an issue.(edited) The Chosen made their way to the Island of the Exiles Bullbug had wanted to free the slaves. After a day Euadne looked at everyone with the Blindfold of Truth seeing Pythor as s Bronze Dragon, Kyrah a Copper Dragon. Jekkar's finished attuning to his Sapphire Dragon, Hyakinthos, while resting in Mytros.     Euadne has attuned to her Dragon 8 times.   Defeating Icarus saw it transform into a Void Dragon.   Void Dragon Icarus picked up the King taking his sword & leaving a rod of Rulership. Ollidak's old crew joined the Ultros, 5.   Seemingly innocent exiles, 10.   Hulgnir tells the Chosen about his visions. Indigo Island a fight with Dragons (Hulgnir sees over ten Dragons in his visions of this island), & a search for their lairs/hoards.   Themis, fight with many heads & Lutheria. Theron will play an important role. A talking sword out of the beast & a chakram.   Treasure & battles with avians.   Battle with a Gold Dragon. Finding the Fortress of the Dragonlords, in a massive Dragon Hoard.   Dragon eggs of every type conceivable, Hexia, & Dragonborn & Elves. Underwater Euadne's happy face holding an Orb then terror as tentacles reached out from the darkness in the water to grab Euadne & pull her away from Hulgnir.   Demons & treasures in the maw.   Flashes of training with Dragons. Hulgnir recognizes Damon as one of the instructors.   (Sydon’s seat of power, is Praxis.) Last island, Veronica beside Sydon.   In Praxis & the Nether Sea, Hypnos realm Hulgnir sees that the Chosen dance upon the edge of a coin. They have three choices fight: win, die, or let the coin land on its edge & forge a new oath of peace.   He also describes these.   When asked about these Versi explains that in the God-Titan war things were made with divine powers. Versi uses names unfamiliar to those who ask about them: 1. Behemoth 2. Tarrasque 3. Kraken   The Chosen discussed things & decided to head to Indigo Island, before heading to Themis. Euadne funishes attuning with her Dragon Apollo on route to Indigo Island. I forgot to mention that for solving the murder mystery the Chosen were awarded with a White Ox. And Euadne was given a spell scroll of Frost Fingers, successfully copied into her spellbook.   Some time after the Lady of Coins was relieved of the cursed ring, Theron ramps the intensity of his workout routines. He also goes with Sotiris on patrols.(edited) Moxena spoke to everyone once about everything just after the ring was removed & curse broken.   Afterwards she's remained locked in her quarters & with a request thst she be left alone until they reach Themis or need to plan for Themis.   When discussing Themis as a group Moxena does start saying now that she must put two plans together. I made allies in the North, I forgot about them. I need to find a way to get a messenger to them. While cursed I made allies with Gnolls who live in Islands near to Themis & Hexia we should meet with them as well....the Gnolls I mean. Hexia hates, him. [points at Pythor.]   Before locking herself away she said she needed time to process what occured & find herself in silence. Veronica has been spending time on the main deck wearing a Full Plate of Mytros, the second day to Indigo Island.   Veronica's reached enough piety to get a benefit from having her magical weapon. She can now use Wisdom for the Bident melee or thrown attacks.   Euadne would be visibly shaken by events and start making documents upon documents on plans for future fights. She would also pester hulgrin about what he can use for spells aswell and how they work. Her familiar would be very concerned about her new behavior too. The dragon shes bonded with would probably share the sentiment the pseudodragon has. Obsession is an accurate statement here.   What is everyone's usual daily routine on the Ultros?   Pythor wake up, drink/drink, etc....pass out/puke drink\drink.   Versi: Spends most of her time in her quarters.   Oren Celestial: spend time with Kyrah, speak with Estor, & spend time with his Dragon Arkrania (named after Kyrah). Captain duties.   JEKKAR: Inspect and clean my equipment. Perform some mediation as taught by Euadne. And lately id be joining Pythor or Kyrah and asking questions about my past. Hulgnir: Spend time with his dragon, divination/clerical duties, missives to and from mithril mines (possibly) intentionally sappy poem to vallus drinking with pythor with in moderation Bullbug steer the ship, first mate duties.   John Wickerham: Spend time with Nessa, Daisy, & drink in moderation with Pythor, Hulgnir, & Pholon.   Veronica Sydon: Prayer to Sydon, working on the loom, & spending time with her Dragon.   Pyra Amphitrite: time with his Dragon, & praying to Vallus & the five Gods. Missives to & from Sea Craig Castle.   Theron taking Sotiris on patrols.   Moxena Themyscira: Spend time with Euadne, & work on plans for going to Themis.   (as i typed earlier, euadne would start planning for future dragon fights. And ways to notkill-kill something. :/ also assuming hulgrin shared his vision, she would also atleast get dimension door and/or misty step scribed. Hulgrins warnings is serious business. If required, she would trade the lightning staff for spells+scribing ink?)   he would be open to anyone about his visions so yeah   I remember Hulgnir mentioning that he is open about his visions last session, which is why i included the current visions he has had in the campaign journal.   fair Oh I forgot to mention last session, Steros on the Ultros can also create items. Theron noticed something about Steros, first. The rest of the party sees the most obvious traitor when it comes to Steros.   Staff of Magius additions -You can prepare extra spells equal to the Staff's bonus. -staff can be reduced in size & put in a pocket, with an action -staff does a damage die higher than a usual quarterstaff, magical energy crackles along the staff.   1 charge 3. Detect magic 4. Enlarge 5. Featherfall (self only falling 15 feet triggers this) - 2 charges 4. Knock 5. Magic Missile (level 2, or 2 levels less than your maximum level whichever is higher) 6. Levitate   3 charges 4. Invisibility (2nd level, or 3 levels less than user) 6. Locate Object


PC: Hulgnir Ollidak Euadne Jekkar Theron     Travel: 6 Other: 2 Total:  8
Odyssey of the Dragonlords
Theron Phobas
Level 30 Human Neutral Good Ranger/Rogue
216 / 779 HP
Report Date
03 Oct 2020
Secondary Location


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