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The Gods of Order

Who are the gods

Tis' known for all mere men to bear this lore of days so old.
That gods are always found in pairs, like weak and strong, like hot and cold.
— St. Leroja, the preaching poet
  This article concerns itself with the eight Gods of Order, the primary beings of worship of the Church of Order. As the above poem mentions, the gods are beings of extreme order, much like the Cathedral in Moondoor. Each one is part of a pair of two, with the four resulting pairs forming the pantheon that sees primary worship.  


  The first among the Gods is Rabor, the god of rulership, authority and religion itself. Rabor is considered the King of the Gods alongside his wife, Iola (see below).  


  Iola, Wife to Rabor, is the goddess of servitude, cooperation, and law. Despite the moniker, Iola is the most worshipped of the eight Gods by a wide margin.  


  Lesari is the goddess of the inward thought, observation and learning. She is the sister of Dravus (see below). Lesaris sees a lot of worship from scholars and priests alike.  


  Dravus is brother to Lesari and god of expression, outward action and teaching. He is the patron of merchants and trade in general.  


  Iarna is the goddess of innovation and the dawn. She guides the work of sages and is especially worshipped by the alchemists in recent years.  


  Iarnas twin Iornos is the god of tradition and the night. He is also the god of the Inquisition and oversees the fight against the Thrash.  


  Kiril is the god of work and life, but also the god of war. To live is to worship Kiril and to be productive is to honor him greatly. Knights and Craftmen alike will say prayers to Kiril when undertaking a new assignment.  


  Ligan is the goddess of death and sleep, and of peace. She brings relief to the victims of her lover Kiril, and mediates the balance between dusk and dawn for the Iarna and Iornos.  

Divine Symmetry

  As can be observed in the sigil of the church, the Divine Seal, the faith places an important focus on Symmetry, which the fourfold pairing of the gods encourages. Most commonly, the gods are ordered like so: Opposites, such as Kiril and Ligan are placed opposite one another, and the gods then are placed adjacent to which gods most complement their domains. From this the following order results, starting at the top of a circle and going clockwise: Old, Speak, Serf, Work, New, Hear, King, Rest.

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