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The Cathedral of Moondoor

Built upon ruins of old

  Standing in the north of the city of Moondoor stands a magnificent construction, a testament to engineering and scientific advancements. The great cathedral is built in the very center of the small religious distric that has established itself in the city, the building itself crossing over the river that flows from here through the entire city.
  Once constructed on the misshapen foundations of ancient heretic buildings of worship, this monument to the Gods of Order was carefully constructed over the course of several decades, with each new stage becoming more opulent, while always retaining the ever important symmetry and order imposed by the faith. The angular straight design of the cathedral features impeccably measured construction that seems to rival Thræsh's Hold itself.

From novelty to state-backed religion

  The cathedral began as a humble church over a century ago, when the true faith first spread to Moondoor and the surrounding regions. The then still Estern city was not officially welcoming this new religion, but as more and more citizens converted to the new faith, rich and important men found themselves with capital to spend and no good place of worship.
  With the support of parts of the nobility and rich merchants constructions began on the main cathedral, which took multiple decades to complete. This original construction is still almost completely untouched beneath the surface, as following iterations of new buildings and expansions simply built upon their proverbial rock, unable to improve upon the original design.
  Then, when Estern was conquered by its neighbor Caliva, the divine kingdom, the church was catapulted from a powerful influence in the city to the premier organisation of the city, perhaps equal in power to the worldly Lord, Duke Tarangin of Moondoor. With this official backing from the high king, new revenue streams flowed into Moondoor, which facilitated the growth of a small district surrounding the cathedral.

Mist from the River

  Despite many bridges now crossing over the river that cuts through the city, Moondoor residents are wary of the river and will avoid crossing it when they can afford to. The reason for this is the mist that sometimes envelops the river at night, obscuring the other side from view. It seems to be almost supernatural even sneaking into tightly sealed buildings that are built above the river.
  Not so in the religious district. The cathedral and surrounding buildings remain untouched by the mists, despite their otherwise omnipresent claim on the river itself. This of course further cements the fear of the mists for the faithful of Moondoor, because how could it be good, if the gods prevent it from entering their domain.

Services offered and aid freely given

  Inside the religious district, the primary purpose of all things is of course worship, but beyond that there is also a hospital built on the cathedral grounds, which offers healing to any faithful seeking help. Help is free for all who come into the embrace of the Gods, though those with significant means to their name are encouraged to give a donation to help offset the costs.
  Additionally, the religious district is now home to several offices concerned with copying and then attesting to the truthfulness of the copy of official documents, such as binding contracts, royal decrees and similar items.

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The things that most people ignore because they do not want to acknowledge they happen.

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It's so interesting how later iterations of the cathedral were just built around the original construction. What's it like to go inside? Is the original cathedral down in the basement, or does it feel like you're walking through multiple courts to get to the center?