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Marked by the Thrash

Being marked by the Thrash is the primary method of Witches fighting back against the Church of Order. How exactly the marking works is not fully understood, but its effects are well known to the Inquisition.  

A last resort

The moment he slew the Witch, Ser Ingram felt that something was wrong. A wail in his ears told him that something had attacked his guardian angel and broken through the defenses around his corpus. Looking down upon the body of the heretic, he thought he could see a final smile cross her lips. "What have you done, Fiend?", he proclaimed, desperately trying not to show fear in the face of ungodly happenings.

Then he felt it. A cutting sensation, as if something was cleaving his body in half all over. The incredibly sharp pain of flesh being severed brought him to his knees and he felt he was losing his mind. Whatever the Witch had done, his life would never be the same after this.
  Finally, if the conflict becomes truly inevitable, the Witches have found a trump card they can play in the most dire circumstances. Because even if they cannot come together to fight the Church on open terms, the one thing a single Witch can ensure is that her death be avenged and mean something for the rest of her kindred.   Most Witches have a familiar or coven supporting them, and as part of this cooperation, they uphold the "Pact of Marking". Should an inquisitor kill a Witch, either its Familiar present at the time or an ally witnessing this later, can mark the inquisitor. This process mirrors that of a Magical Seal, in which a higher being, that is one that can perceive more than the three dimensions mortals can, places a seal inside the body of the Inquisitor, by carving, rending or creating new matter inside their bodies.   An inquisitor "marked by the Thrash", as it is called, is now openly branded for anything able to perceive beyond the mortal world, as an enemy of the Witches and all things Fae or Thrash. Essentially, any Witch or supernatural being he comes in contact with after being marked will immediately know what he did and act as hostile as she can against this person. Someone marked by the Thrash is in open season for Fae and will most likely never know peace out in the wilderness.   Of course higher beings of divine origin, which are aligned with the Inquisition, will seek to prevent such a marking, shielding the body of an Inquisitor to the best of their abilities.   A marking is by definition a painful process, because the physical body of the Inquisitor is forcefully changed or harmed. Large marks are unmistakeably painful and an Inquisitor will immediately be aware he is marked, but smaller marks may be lost in the moment if a fight took place or be mistaken for small aches of the body that one may deal with on a regular basis. Of course smaller marks are easier to hide or overlook after the fact, so the being marking the Inquisitor needs to strike a balance.   Once a mark has been applied, it is difficult to impossible to undo. Damage this severe to a human body will not heal without scar tissue and removing parts alltogether may be even more painful and dangerous than the initial marking. As such not few Inquisitors had to hang up their mantle as active hunters of Witches, because can no longer even get close to a Witch without immediately telling her that danger is close.

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Jan 7, 2024 18:17

Ouch. One final spell, slashing out to those who slays them. Can't say I have pity with Witch Hunters, especially Inquisitors.

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Jan 12, 2024 15:00

Sorry, but I like that the witches know how to fight back. And the opening quote sends a chill down your spine. Very memorable - don't mess with witches!

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