The capital city of the Country of Welken, Glimwidu is located in the high plateaus of the mainland, nestled in a misty temperate rainforest.


The vast majority of the population is made up of elves and woodland fey, with some humans, half-elves, subterranean fey, and dwarves. The woodland fey include the weorn-folk, the kula-folk, modhe-folk, and the peik-folk. The hasan-folk and mus-folk also live in the city, and are counted among the subterranean fey who live in the root-warrens.


The majority of people live in enormous magical trees grown, magically shaped, and carved into numerous grand rooms. A handful, primarily immigrants uncomfortable in the heights, live in stone houses among the tree roots, especially by the river. The hasan-folk, the mus-folk, and a small number of dwarves live among the roots in hollowed out warrens.


The city is located on a highland plateau, at 1,000 feet elevation, with lowlands to the west and north and further mountains to the east and south. A wide river runs nearly through the middle of the city, pooling into a deep, broad lake shortly past the northwestern edge. The lake eventually tumbles into a series of waterfalls as the river splits off and continues into the lowlands.

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