This Fantabulous Multiverse

Allow me to introduce myself. Since you won't be able to understand my native language, you can call me Professor Horatio Q. Booper-Snoot—explorer, multiverse mapmaker, and something akin to an anthropologist of sorts.   Your universe, as you know it, is not the only one. There are dozens like it. Well, by transfractal morpho-physical intragerbil dynamics theory, six stable ones and roughly 761 not-so-stable ones. Unfortunately, yours isn't one of the stable ones. But fortunately, yours is stable enough that it doesn't fly apart every 5.23231 of your seconds. Congratulations!   There are all kinds of universes. And within these universes, there are all kinds of worlds! There are those where myth and magic reign—which scientists reason there must be some logical explanation; and those where only the laws of physics operate—which sorcerers conjure there must be some illogical explanation.   Along with my colleagues from your universe and its neighbors—the mathematician, scientist, and chromo-linguist, Librarian Augusta Constantine, the hardened battle-mage and semi-professional food critic, STEVE!, our quasi-intelligent five-dimensional pet banana slug sometimes called Fligbug, and the Orphic-tinker, Biin Hejj—we roam the omniverse cataloging our adventures—particularly the ones written in lightning or existing for only thirty days at a time.  
  Note: Originally entitled "The Fantabulous Multiverse of Professor Horatio Q. Booper-Snoot, His Dwarven Battle-Mage Companion Steve, and Their Intrepid Five-Dimensional Banana Slug" as part of NaNoWriMo 2018. The deliberately silly and long name was changed partly because it was just too long and despite it working on World Anvil, it did interfere with buttons and other features. However, as the story emerged (I am 80% pantser with my writing, which goes to 110% during NaNoWriMo), the main three characters turned into five and the only justice was to either expand the title or make it generic.   The meta story focuses on this multiverse and its characters are cognizant of its structure. The rest of the universes, worlds, characters, etc. There are all kinds of universes here, and all kinds of moods from silly and whimsical to dark and dystopian. Thus, another reason for the name change is to be a little more broad. Yet, the meta story is fantabulous, and retains a bit of whimsy. So maybe the structure of everything beyond everything is, indeed, fantabulous.