T'odisius Silverleaf

Elven Fighter


A young Elven warrior, T’odisius Silverleaf grew up in the shade of Cal Cas, the great tree of the Evergreen and home of the elves. He and his father came to live in Cal Cas after being driven from their home after an unknown source poisoned a nearby village’s well. His mother fell to the initial onslaught of the mad elves, leaving a young T’od with only a crescent moon pendant as a memorial.   Upon getting settle at Cal Cas, T’od swore on his mother’s necklace that he would do all he can to become strong, so no Elven child would have to go without like he did. He trained diligently for seventeen years, learning the ways of the sword and bow, all in the name of protecting Cal Cas.   During his time training, T’od made a name for himself, becoming one of Cal Cas’s elite warriors. He was constantly at the forefront of the defense force, protecting his home from a variety of dangers, from wild beasts to Drow incursions. He gained even further notoriety as a strike leader; leading foray after foray to the Overwatch’s clear-cutting operations. When he was not called into battle, T’od was after found at the side of Britanna Moonshadow, acting as one of her personal guards.   Show spoiler
T’od was once more called into battle against the Overwatch alongside the White Ravens, as the Titan Elite unit was threatening Cal Cas. He led Elven warriors alongside Malchus Grimnas and his party. During the battle, T’od was again at the forefront, attacking the monstrosity with all of his might. Even despite being grabbed by the gargantuan unit, T’od fought to the best of his ability, struggling against the machine until it was felled by Yenward Firestomp. Unfortunately, the Warforged self-destructed with T’od at the center of the blast. The force of this explosion was too much for the battered warrior, killing the mighty T’od.   After the battle, Yenward took a crescent moon pendant from T’od’s body, wanting to keep it as a token of the elf’s bravery. However, this was looked down upon by some of the other elves. His friends and lieutenants, Opie and Mayven, recovered the necklace from Yenward, fully able to put their valiant leader to rest.


T’odisius is not your standard, lithe elf. Starting from his long, black hair, every part of T’od has been hardened to that of a warrior’s status.   While not bulky, he has lean muscles that are natural to elvens and honed from many years of battle and forest living. Clad in the standard leather of his people, T’od strikes a fearsome picture when striding into battle, blade in hand.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 27