Tamlin Craykill

Human Researcher


Tamlin Craykill is the wizard who greeted Group 1 when they entered Uman’Yiro with inquiries about helping the Overwatch. He warned them that as a warforged Ironhide might bring about a problem, and led the group through the city and to the Archmage.

After the group’s conversation with Duskwalker, Craykill was waiting to assist them in finding either information or the exit. He was quite excited at Yenward’s mention of the Gate and eagerly lead the minotaur to a collection of books on the subject, only to find that Yenward was illiterate.

Despite the awkward scenario Craykill handled the situation with grace, telling about how they were still looking for some of the gates and that only a highly skilled magic user could activate one (he seemed very surprise that the group knew someone who could do so). He then agreed to talk to Duskwalker about the possibility of providing them support against the Overwatch in exchange for the chance to do further research on the White Raven’s gate.



Craykill is balding but his remaining hair is gray. He is fond of learning and polite, though seemed unsure of how to handle certain aspects of Group 1’s demeanor, doing his best to avoid conflict despite Ironhide’s attempts to raise an argument about the city’s past treatment of warforged.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 53
Current Residence
Uman' Yiro