Oolanda 'The Blade'

Drow Mercenary


Leader of House Silverclaw, Oolanda is a no-nonsense type of Drow who refuses to back down or bite her tongue. The leader seems to be quite a private person, usually speaking in whispers to those closest to her and seemed to prefer watching the room with sharp eyes. Nothing slips by her, but she only reacts when necessary.   She seems to have a certain dislike for the leaders of the other houses, but she did set that bitterness aside to lend her aid in the fight against the zombie horde in Onak-Al. Clearly, self-preservation takes precedence over house squabbles.   However, it may not only be the other Houses who are Oolanda's enemies. Though Sariff has claimed that he was working on behalf of House Silverclaw in Esterholt, rumors have spread that there may be a split within the house and a cloak-and-dagger conflict may be blooming.  


Like most drow Oolanda has dark skin, only a touch lighter than black with a blue undertone. This stands out starkly against her smooth white hair which is constantly pulled out of her face and hidden by a dark cloak. Her eyes are stern and white, seemingly always focused on the matter at hand and never daydreaming.   Oolanda walks a fine line between hiding in the shadows as her nature and profession demands, and needing to have a commanding presence as the leader of her house. Because of this, Oolanda is a perfect chameleon, standing strong when needed and fading into the background at all other times.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 38
Current Location
House Silverclaw
Current Residence
Aligned Organization
House Silverclaw