Olaf Shattershield

Dwarven Guard


Olaf is not a remarkable dwarf by most means, but he is more friendly than some. When a group of knights came to Stonesunder, he was the first they met. Despite them being a ragtag group of several races, he laughed and bantered with them with thoughtless ease, and had no qualms following them into battle against Overwatch when his king commanded.   His whereabouts are currently unknown, but its hard to imagine such a boisterous man would let himself die in a battle without it being a spectacle.  


Short for a dwarf and slightly thinner at that, Olaf is almost always smiling and laughing with the other men in his parties. He comes off as crass but never means harm, is only ignorant to the niceties of other species. He has a huge bushy brown beard and green eyes.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 42
Current Residence