Nathaniel Serverus

Human Noble


Nathaniel is the 17 year-old son and only child of Lord Ian and Lady Talia Serverus or Winterhaven. Not much is known about his childhood, other than he became well versed with a sword and that he suffered from a small form of abuse from his father. He met Malchus Grimnas and the rest of the knights of Winterhaven shortly after the group’s return from Drock’s tomb. Through their brief interaction, Nathaniel was introduced to everyone, taking keen note of Thoril Songsteal, a man that he reveres.  
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Later, as the group rushes to the aid of the Elves of the Evergreen, the meet Nathaniel at Cal Cas, the Elven home tree. The young man had snuck out of Winterhaven in pursuit of Thoril, in hopes of fighting alongside the legendary warrior. Before any decision could be made as to Nathaniel’s fate, Cal Cas was attacked by the experimental Titan Elite unit from Overwatch. During this fight, Nathaniel proved his worth in battle, fighting alongside the defenders, eventually felling the giant enemy. He was then escorted back to Winterhaven, while Thoril and the group went to rally the races of Theria.   After the defense of Winterhaven, Nathaniel became lord of Winterhaven. Now in charge of the armies at his town’s doorstep, Nathaniel did what he could to take the reins of overthrowing Overwatch. He sent Thoril and company to Durnhollow to liberate the town from Overwatch rule. While the group was out, Nathaniel led the unified army towards Overwatch, coming into combat with the opponents at White Wolf Valley. The battle was going poorly for the attackers, when Karrik summoned the red dragon, Straad, to help turn the tide. During Straad’s attack, Nathaniel was caught in one of the initial blasts. His life was saved by clerics, though the once strapping young man was left horribly disfigured and unconscious.   A month later, many adventurers converge on Winterhaven and agree to help gather some herbs to save the life of Nathaniel. They are successful in recovering the herbs and as they return to town, find it under siege by a large black dragon.   Arc 2
It is revealed that Nathaniel is still alive and in charge of Winterhaven, but his health and condition are still unknown.  


Nathaniel may or not be Thoril's son. (the truth was actually revealed in the D&R AMA on Patreon)


Nathaniel is a large, barrel-chested young man with dirty blonde. The 17 year-old son of Ian and Talia, he takes after his father not only in stature but blade skill as well.   The son of nobility, Nathaniel is very well mannered and can be diplomatic with many beings. However, due to his young age, he has bouts of exuberance. This most notable comes forth when interacting with Thoril. Nathaniel grew up hearing stories of Thoril from his mother which led to Nathaniel holding Thoril in high regard, almost hero-worshipping the man.
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Arc 1, Episode 17
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