Jeremy (aka Little Vernon)

AKA "Little Vernon", Gate Guard


Jeremy was born and raised in Durnhollow among the racists and slavers.   He met Group 1 when they rolled through town, disrespecting his efforts to get them to stop at the gate.  
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He was later scolded by Ellis Arroway after hitting Drakonis with a rock.   After they left town, he met a group representing Overwatch whom he liked much better. They stopped at the gate and spoke to him like an adult.   Jeremy was saved by Ellis Arroway during the battle for Durnhollow between the White Ravens and the Overwatch, where Arroway perished.   Arc 2
Jeremy continues to guard the gates of Durnhollow. Now a boy of 12, the nickname "Vernon" given to him by Yenward stuck and is what he goes by these days.


A boy of 10, Jeremy was allowed to "help" guard the town by acting as a gate guard.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 36
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