Elli Adams

Human Tattoo Artist


Elli is one of the premiere tattoo artists in Esterholt. She is known for her skills in making magical, moving tattoos. The proprietor of The Crouching Tiger, she gained notoriety through tattooing a tiger hiding in the grass, which would spring into action when the person is under attack. It is after this portrait which her shop is named.   Her initial encounter with group 3 was a brief one. Una, Calluna, and Marek went to her shop to commemorate Una being granted the title Fist of Kord. Elli was happy to accommodate the customer, tattooing the letters onto Una’s knuckles, having them drip “blood” steadily..  
  • Elli is named after the tattoo artist who did Jason and Izzy’s tattoos in Oregon.


Elli is a slim, dark-haired woman with many tattoos decorating her skin. The artist has enough moving tattoos on her that, at initial glance, it looks like her skin is crawling.   While not extremely religious, she has shown deference to the gods, especially Kord. This could be due to the temple located in Esterholt. She appreciates Marrek’s moustache, calling it “glorious.”

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 76
Current Location
The Crouching Tiger
Current Residence