Butter's Tonic (SC'20)

Written by Mark Sexton, Edited by Steve Tremblay

Therians have long struggled with the myriad of diseases and maladies that can be found across the continent. While many prove to be a temporary nuisance, there are several that leave their host dead, or worse, wishing that they had died. A young alchemist named Georgie Butter was attempting to distill an alcoholic beverage that would be more easily stomached by the ladies he met in taverns. He wanted something that tasted light and sweet, and would not leave the thirsty soul hungover the following day. His result was far from sweet, but it did succeed in being light and easy to drink, although left a bitter aftertaste.     An unexpected side effect was that this bitter tonic managed to reduce inflammation and restored a healthy digestive process to the drinker! As Butter began to realize what he had created, he reviewed his notes and set to creating his tonic on a larger scale. While the ingredients were not terrible difficult to locate, the correct measurements were vital to its success with only one in four batches being successful. Butter was chased out of numerous towns as a snake oil salesman, although he developed a fervent following among those who experienced his healing tonic.   The tonic itself has the ability to cure stomach rot, green gall, and in some lucky cases it has helped restore vitality to its host. The effectiveness of Butter’s tonic is not an easy solution, as the bitter taste is only the first hurdle. A runny liquid with pulpy bits, its texture can turn even the strongest of stomachs. Once the patient has swallowed the mixture, a common reaction is to experience a light fever and dry mouth. Tingling in the extremities is a sign of success, while noticeably cold fingertips is the first sign of problems. If the patient has the tingling sensation, they will begin the recovery path and any positive effects will have full efficacy within 36 hours. In the event of a negative result, two days of extreme discomfort will follow, but leave no permanent issues.


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