World Anvil Summer Camp 2022: Pledge

2022: Another year, another summer camp!

While my performance last year was not where I would want it to be normally. I am looking forward to competing in this year's summer camp and hitting my long-desired goal of full completion. This will be my 4th summer camp, on my 4th world.... But fear not! This year's world is the beginning of a project I can actually see myself getting to completion.
While this pledge comes out on the day of the bronze prompt releases I think I may manage to get through all the homework at least to a level which I will be able to use...
let's get into the homework then

Homework Notes

While I did not have the time I would like before summer camp rolled around to dedicate to going through the homework blogs I will hopefully give you an idea of what to expect from me over the next month.

Homework No.1: Themes, Goals and Motivations

This year's summer camp differs from the previous years. Now each tier of prompts has its own Theme. Our themes in order from bronze to diamond are:
  • Expanse: The wide-open areas of a settings
  • Leaders: The great influencer of a setting be they for good or evil
  • Discovery: The various explorations, investigations and experiments of a settings and their findings
  • Montrous: The weird, dangerous and unnatural thing one can find in the setting
While it is stated that not all the prompts will directly relate to the theme having these overarching ideas has allowed me to better prepare for what I will be writing about. This will be a great help as in previous years the disjointedness of my articles often led to burnout and thus my failure in completing all the prompts.
My desire is that these articles and the inspiration they will create for me will set up the framework for the future work I do on this project. I am motivated to create a long-lasting project this time that I can look back on in years time with pride. My goal overall for this year's summer camp is to create some initial articles to create a setting for the RPG I am designing in my spare time of the same name. I am hoping that by creating articles about aspects of my world I will gain inspiration along with an insight into what needs to be fleshed out in the form of mechanics for the system itself.
Additional Challenges
On top of completing all 31 prompts, I want to make sure I am not doing anything half-heartedly. As such, I am committed to writing at least 1000k words for each article. I know, crazy! I will have to write a minimum of 31k words this month. A tall order but one I think I will manage to do. I've already managed over 500 words just writing this!
On top of a large number of words, I wish to write I would also like to be part of the community more. To ensure this I am setting myself the goal to review at least 2 articles for each prompt and give what I hope will be constructive feedback for each one.

Homework No.2: Themes

So continuing on from the last section, I will hopefully be able to explain how this year's tier themes will tie into my setting, system and ultimately articles.
The system I am designing is based around 4 key pillars of play:
  • Combat
  • Social
  • Exploration
  • Skills
You may notice that one of these pillars fits in nicely with the expanse theme. My setting of Theren-sa will contain a number of unexplored locations. Be it great oceans, jungles, plains or ruins. I want my players to want to venture out and explore the unknown. As such I think focusing on these larger regions of the world will be a great way to align with the idea of Expanse.
Every good fantasy setting has its great leaders. I hope mine will be no different. I will focus on writing about the people to create the world around my players. Those that built the ruins they explored, commissioned the artefacts they now wield and caused the events that led to the world into the state it is.
This is the hardest one. Fantasy doesn't often lend itself to technology and discovery. However, I think I might be able to tie this in once again around the idea of exploration. I hope to write about the journeys of adventurers and explorers. I could also write about great plots unravelling or new magics being created. While the most limiting I think I will be able to produce some articles that will work well.
This will likely be the easiest to write about. For the pillar of combat to work, I will need things for my players to fight. This means creating monstrous and non-monstrous entities. This theme allows me to focus on just one of these groups. And can be tied into the previous themes by focusing on those beings that reside in the unexplored expanses. Perhaps these entities are a barrier to further discovery or killed some great leader in legends.
Overall I think I will happily be able to produce articles that both match the theme of my world along with the over-arching themes of the prompts.

Homework No.3: Inspiration

Now, this is a difficult one. I do not tend to draw inspiration from a single point. However, if I had to pick something to inspire me it would be a mixture of our own history along with the many TTRPG sources out there that aim to help GMs and players play the best game possible. Often I will see a piece of advice or a story from our world (be it a legend or real) and tuck it away in the back of my brain only to then later realise that it would work well with another piece stored away.

Homework No.4 Planning

In order to hit my targets, I will have to set aside for myself writing slots and reviewing slots. My aim is that each day I will start by creating a rough outline of what it is I want to write about and then slowly fill out each section until I reach a level of detail I am happy with. As for the reviewing, I will start out by doing it daily. However, if this becomes too difficult I will have to create a reviewing slot on the weekends where I can just sit down for a few hours at a time and go through the amazing articles everyone will write this year.
It might be an idea this year to join a chapter. While I haven't looked into them in great detail the idea of having a group to encourage and support you through the process of world-building sounds incredible!


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