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The world of Theren-sa is an accompanying setting for the TTRPG system of the same name that I am developing.
The land of Theren-sa is one that has seen many a hardship. From the Great Divide that separated the realm of gods from the realm of mortals to the Long Voyage where the Humans in the West were almost wiped out. Only surviving by taking a perilous journey East across uncharted waters until they reach new lands.
Theren-sa is a world where magic exists, monsters wander the wilds and factions compete for domination. It is within this setting that heroes can rise and make their mark on history.

The Theren-sa System (not used in current campaigns)
The main divergence between Theren-sa and other fantasy TTRPG would be the focus on exploration and resource management. Characters are encouraged to plan their engagements and stock up on appropriate equipment for the task at hand. Failing to do so will quickly result in them having their backs to their wall, with more than one of them out for the count.
While in its very early stages, my hope is to develop both the setting and system in tandem. Using inspiration from both sides to influence the other in order to produce a setting that fits the system and a system that allows you to get the most out of it's setting.

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