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Blindfold of True Faith

What is a Blindfold of True Faith?

These unusual geomantic artifacts block out the sense of vision quite profoundly, but then give it back in an esoteric way. Binding an individual more tightly to Fate, they make it possible for a blinded individual to interact with the world as though they can see.

Blindfolds of True Faith are self-resizing, self-repairing objects of nigh-indefinite durability.

Why is the phrase 'Blindfold of True Faith' rendered with capital letters?

They're a kind of magic artifact. They have the potential to last forever and are considered very pure examples of geomantic potential.

What kind of person wears a Blindfold of True Faith?

As the name implies, those who are 'truly faithful' wear Blindfolds of True Faith. It is a form of religious sacrifice that gives up vision. They are also sometimes worn by geomancers who wish to live within Fate with every step they take.

Where are Blindfolds of True Faith made?

In theory, wherever land gods have taught geomancers to make these blindfolds, they can be made. In practice, they are associated with a few organizations in particular. Some branches of Uttermost Dark consider these to be a form of carrying the darkness with oneself everywhere. The church of Gruent and Jiasote considers wearing the blindfolds to be a form of advanced dedication to Fate. Where faith directs geomancers to seek the ability to craft Blindfolds of True Faith, they start gradually proliferating.

Typically, the sale of Blindfolds of True Faith funds the good works of the church, with geomancers donating the proceeds of the sale to their organization.

Who can make Blindfolds of True Faith?

In order to make a Blindfold of True Faith, geomancers have to understand how to see as land gods see. They imbue this trait of seeing as land gods do onto an enchanted piece of cloth, so that a similar faculty of sight-without-sight can be granted to wearers of the blindfold. The effect is in many ways inferior to the vision of a land god, and indeed to the vision of the imbuing geomancers, but it's nevertheless an empowering bit of geomancy that brings people into closer, more productive alignment with Fate.

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