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Uttermost Dark

What is Uttermost Dark?

This Meta-Faith is focused on the adoration of darkness, silence, and temporary voluntary isolation. The individual temples are customized to support and fit into the will of the local land god, but they share a collective focus on making isolated meditation spaces available to people. Artists affiliated with Uttermost Dark often work on creating art with dark palettes yet welcoming themes. Their temples are intended to be dark, but never scary.

What kind of people join Uttermost Dark?

Anyone who longs for relief from overstimulation might be found among the adherents of Uttermost Dark. Their temples are built in protection of such people and to provide healing for them should they need it. The priests of Uttermost Dark are only occasionally geomancers, but are often a kind of serene monastic soul.

It is not quite true that there are no musicians associated with Uttermost Dark. There are rarely musics played at formal services, but gently meditative musics are produced and distributed at some (mildly heretical) temples of Uttermost Dark.

What services are offered by Uttermost Dark?

Every temple of Uttermost Dark has an underground labyrinth which is accessible to initiated members of the public, and every underground labyrinth leads to isolated individual meditation rooms where no light is permitted and extensive sound isolation is built into the walls. This is their basic service. Meditating within these rooms is very restorative.

Additionally, there are small libraries of local faith curated by every temple of Uttermost Dark, so that travelers who are visiting a theome for the first time can go to the local temple of Uttermost Dark to discover a (silence-tilted) version of the desires of the local land god. This stands in for Querent-Querent to the satisfaction of people who consider Querent-Querent's focus on trade and tourism to be too loud.

Is there a popular faith of Uttermost Dark?

The priests of Uttermost Dark do their best, but it can be difficult to draw people in to hear sermons about silence. The worship services of Uttermost Dark are dignified, but somnolent.

Religious, Organised Religion

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