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The Long Ride

The Long Ride, also known as the long race, is a long distance horse race that takes place every year in the late spring. The course reaches from the small independent city of Saltshore, down to the Conradinian capitol of Augustine, going through the capitols of most of the kingdoms between the two. The race is open to all competitors, though the prize, a sum of gold donated by each of the kingdoms in the race path, will only go to the first to reach Augustine.


The origin of the Long Ride is thought to have been tied to the start of the Dragon Wars. When the invading draconic armies first made landfall near modern day Saltshore, one stable hand was quick to react to the coming army, grabbing only his bow and a horse before riding out to get help. Their trip reportedly took them from their home, to each of the provincial capitols of the Empire of Thrain, warning the locals of the danger looming in the north, and asking only for supplies in return so as to reach the next city. This journey is commonly credited to be one of the main reasons the empire fared so well against a supposedly superior army and was able to keep their foothold contained to the western point of the continent.

Components and tools

At the outset of the journey, each rider is only allowed their horse, a saddle, a full quiver of arrows, and a bow. In theory they are to ask for supplies along the way, but many just have a friend or patron stay in the next city with a full pack of provisions.


A good number of nobility from across the continent are expected to appear at the opening ceremonies.


The official race starts immediately following the setting of the Seed Moon, and can run anywhere from a few weeks to months, depending on the competitors and terrain conditions.

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