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Augustine is the capitol city of the The Kingdom of Conradin. Perched at the mouth of the Conradin River, it is the main trading port between the prosperous mining towns in the Carrag Mountains and the rest of the continent. Transport to other countries can often be chartered at many places along its waterfront and a ferry travels up the river to Azure daily.


Augusting is mostly populated by humans, but Conradinia is such a melting pot of races that it is possible to find stable communities of almost all races within the cities walls.


While the seat of power for the Conradin monarchy, Augustine itself is mostly run by a council of representatives from the cities noble families.


The city center of Augustine is surrounded by high towered walls, often reaching over fifty feet into the sky, patrolled day and night by the city guard. Certain sections are open to the public for sight seeing. Additional defense is supplied by the nearby military stronghold of Fort Broush, the headquarters of the Conradinian military.


Augustine is supported mostly on tariffs from the wealth of trade that flows through it and taxes levied on the rest of the kingdom.


The Grand Librarium The Augustine Arena The Augustine Auction House

Guilds and Factions

Thieves Guild, The Librarium, Potters Guild, Merchants Guild


Augustine has been the capitol of the Kingdom of Conradin since the middle of the first area. The cities name used to be Conradin, hence the name of the kingdom, until a surprise invasion from Uliemas took control of the city in less than a week with minimal casualties. The captain of the invading force renamed the city after himself, but was pushed out of the city when reinforcements from the rest of the kingdom arrived at the city gates. Several attempts to change the cities name back have floated through the local government, but the populace has grown fond of the name, saying that it is a reminder for those in power that they are not invincible.


Most of the structures in Augustine are made primarily of stone, especially the white marble quarried from Halford. The less affluent districts are built with wood and plaster.


Augustine lies at the mouth of the Conradin River. It is surrounded mostly by rolling hills and farmland, with the sea to its south.

Natural Resources

Wood, agriculture, fish.

Location under
Owning Organization
The Kingdom of Conradin
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