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The Borderlands' Portal Permit

Your Ticket to the Outer Planes

"Nothing is free, especially interplanar travel! In the Borderlands, the bridge between the Traversal and Intraversal Wraith Globe, you need a portal permit if you ever hope to get to where you're going."

General Info

There are countless portals to nearly all of the planes of the Intraversal in the Borderlands, earning it the nickname "The Bridge between Worlds". However, the Borderlands is not a place for those with empty or nearly empty pockets. To use any of the portals within the cities of the Borderlands, one must acquire a very specific document: a "Portal Permit" for the respective interplanar portal. The requirements to get a portal permit vary massively depending on the owner of the portal that you wish to use. For some, that means paying an exuberant fee. For others, that may mean a favor to the owner of the portal. For a few, that may mean retrieving a specific material, component, or item. Once one obtains a Portal Permit from the portal's owner, the magical detection system that is implemented in most portals in all Borderlands towns will let the carrier through.  

Counterfeit Portal Permits

Counterfeit Portal Permits are a very rare commodity. Not only is it difficult to forge the physical document, but it is also extremely difficult to perfectly duplicate the magical aura of a permit for a specific portal.

Document Structure


The typical Portal Permit only has a single clause, a statement that clears the stated individual for a single (or both-way) usage of a specific portal. These documents must always be signed by the owner of the respective portal, or else they are completely null.
Contract, Private

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