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Wolves of the East

In the east of the world, there are no horses or direwolves, instead, there are wargs, who serve the niche of both, in a way. They are hunters that prey on any large animal that crosses their path, and they have been domesticated by humans, who now ride them into combat.  


Their traditional range was all over all of the yenoan subcontinent, even being found in the blood marshes, however, with the arrival of humans, their territory has been reduced significantly. While wargs are a common sight in both Yeno and Aneira, these are domesticated wargs, wild wargs can now only be found in small numbers in Aneira, Onyef island, and the Danzhou highlands.  


There are several subspecies of warg, all of them are big hairy wolves with an appetite for meat tho. They are also all social animals that live in small familial packs.   The most common are the Yenoan warg. These are the desert wolves, they are the smallest, traditionally they fed on the camels that roamed these deserts, but all of them are now domesticated, and they are fed with a variety of meats. They are most recognizable for their short sandy yellow and reddish fur.   The biggest are the frost wargs, the ones native to Aneira. Besides being the largest of the wargs, they are easily recognizable by their thick white fur. They have been partially domesticated, and wild populations of frost warg still exist in the forest, but like all wargs, they were never very densely populated.   The highland warg is the middle child, not the biggest, not the most notable, but that does make them recognizable. They have brown and grey fur and are of middling size for wargs, which is about the size of a pony. The are also the least domesticated, as most of their population remains wild, in the western mountains of Yeno.


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