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The Corporeals

The Young ones

The youngest and shortest living of the inhabitants of the world are the three corporeal races, which means something like physical or material, they are also the most industrious tho, unlike the mystics, they would change the world, build things, and discover technologies.  


Their magic isn't as strong, but it is much more flexible, it differs per person based on personality, and nature, and it can be shaped into whatever they need, and whatever suits them. Although magic isn't a common ability for these beings, it has greatly helped them in their goals to progress and change the world.  


The Corporeal races are all capable of producing fertile offspring with each other, although this isn't common. When a hybrid is born, it will have three-quarters of the traits of its mother, and one-quarter that of its father, and after two or three generations, it will no longer be visible, especially with hybrids between humans and elves, who are already similar in appearance.  


The original three corporeal races are the humans, elves, and dwarves, but there are also the orcs and their cousins the goblins. These two are descended from elves, having been changed by mysterious mystical events, that even they themselves have long since forgotten about, other than what rumour and legend tells.   The Most common theory is that they at some point either antagonised, or befriended some dark power, and Ynue, which caused them to be changed so drastically in appearance, but how some of them then further evolved into goblins is an even less known mystery.
The Corporeals


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