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The Lord of Vengeance

Orog is associated with pain, suffering, and grudges, like a true sadomasochist,┬áhe enjoys pain in all its elements which greatly affects who chooses to follow him. He gives people a chance to take revenge. He empowers the weak and allows them to fulfil their desire for rectification, and vigilante justice.   He is the one responsible for the creation of wraiths, something he did out of a desire to give them a chance to avenge themselves. He takes joy out of getting people with grudges to act on them and seek vengeance. His realm is that of Nargon, it is a painful place to be in, and it is designed to be uncomfortable. This is the place where Orog's lost souls go, those that he collects, the souls that long for things they can't have.   He looks like a man with pale skin, he has thick oily strands of hair falling over his face. He is covered in all types of scars, and he is carrying numerous types of torture tools.


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