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Everyone with the potential to do magic possesses this ability from birth. Some manifest it early on, some later in life, and others never manifest it at all. Usually, if someone manifests their magical abilities later in life, it is because they have an unusual magical ability that activates due to a specific event, causing them to tap into their magic for the first time. There are several different types of magical abilities that someone can have in addition to being able to do magic, but not everyone with a magical ability can perform regular magic.  


The way regular magic works involves three stages and the use of magical elements. There are various elements, and in each stage, a new element is gained. The possible elements to be gained differ for each stage. Mages create spells using their available element(s) as a base and then give it form with intent and energy from their mana pool.   The First Stage: Birth.
In this stage, it is determined that one can do magic, and the first element is gained. The possible elements are water, earth, fire, air, light, and dark.   The Second Stage: Control.
When the mage gains full control over their abilities and has learned to push their power to the limits, they progress to the next stage. This can happen at various moments in a mage's life; the more skilled they are, the faster it happens. Progression is purely based on control over abilities and powers.   Mages have an inborn mana pool, their source of magical energy, which can be trained and increased with practice. However, what matters for this stage is the control over their mana and the efficiency of how they use it. When progressing to the second stage, a mage's base mana pool increases modestly, and they gain a second element.   The Third Stage: Transcendence.
There isn't much known about the third stage because most magicians never reach this far. It isn't known exactly how to get to this stage. Many magicians reach here accidentally and then formulate a method for others to follow, with varying rates of success. When a magician achieves transcendence, their mana pool increases substantially, and they gain a third element.   For more information, see Magical Ellements First Stage


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